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‘That Dimple’: Fans Rave Over Porsha Williams’ Baby Girl’s ‘Cute’ Facial Feature

A new facial feature on Porsha Williams’ baby girl has caught the attention of fans.

The star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta” uploaded a photo of her 3-month-old daughter Pilar Jhena’ to her Instagram page Wednesday.

porsha williams
Pilar Jhena’. (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

“Mood: Life is Good💃🏾❤️ @pilarjhena #3Months,” Williams captioned the July 10 pic of the baby she shares with rumored ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley.

The photo saw a smiling PJ clenching her fist as she flashed a gummy grin toward the camera. With the baby surrounded by her pink dress and matching accessories, the image had fans remarking on the dimple that had emerged on the baby’s right cheek.

“That dimple😍…such a cutie!”

“Omg them Dimples 🥰🥰”

“Give me those dimples ❤️”

“Look at that cute face and those deep dimples.”

“Omg those dimples!!! She’s the CUTEST!”

“Awww look at that dimple 😘😘😍😍❤️❤️”

The characteristic newly has fans raving, but one constant refrain that has emerged every time Williams shares a new pic of Pilar is that she resembles her dad, McKinley.

It only took a few days after viewers saw PJ for the first time on Williams’ pregnancy special “Porsha’s Having a Baby” for fans to remark about how much little Pilar looks like The Original Hot Dog Factory owner.

“Damn….no Maury needed! #YouAreTheFather 💯”

“Jesus that is your twin lol 😝 congrats Porsha , you now know the struggle … all that work and it’s his baby 🤣 ❤️💕🌺💋🌹”

“They always say girls look like their dads, and boys like the moms. This is living proof! He carried PJ lol.”

Those same kinds of comments have emerged onto the latest PJ pic, too.

“Looking just like her dad! Too cute!”

“She has Dennis whole face😍”

“Gurl u done put Dennis in a car seat😩”

Recently, however, fans have also noticed that PJ isn’t necessarily all McKinley.

Williams shared a photo of herself and her brother as children with their late dad on Father’s Day. Glimpsing the image, the star’s followers couldn’t help but see that Pilar actually looks a lot like Williams did as a little girl.

“Omg Pilar is your TWIN 😍”

“Omg your daughter looks just like you as a child”

“Okay! I see PJ!!!! Those jeans are strong.”

“Your baby girl is your twin in this photo for real.”

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