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‘OMG Pilar Is Your Twin’: Porsha Williams’ Throwback Photo Has Fans Realizing Baby PJ’s Resemblance to ‘RHOA’ Star Mom

It’s well remarked on by fans that Porsha Williams’ baby girl resembles her dad Dennis McKinley. However, an old photo The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shared to her Instagram account put the spotlight on Pilar Jhena’s likeness to her mother.

Williams uploaded a photo of her and her brother posing with their dad Hosea Williams II as children. The image was the “RHOA” star’s way of acknowledging Father’s Day, and she happily applauded her late dad in the post.

“❤️Happy Father’s Day Daddy! I can feel you looking down on me today! I hope I have become the woman you wanted me to be! Love you and will miss you always! *Pictured: Myself & brother with daddy *Hosea,” Porsha shared in the caption of her dad, who died of a rare form of leukemia in 1998.

Porsha Williams
Hosea Williams II with son Hosea Williams III (left) and daughter Porsha Williams (right). (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

Glimpsing toddler Porsha’s face, fans instantly saw her 12-week-old daughter Pilar Jhena’ in the image.

“Okay! I see PJ!!!! Those jeans are strong.”

“Omg your daughter looks just like you as a child”

“Pj has now officially become your twin!”

“Pilar looks just look you in this pic ❤️”

“Omg Pilar is your TWIN 😍”

“Your baby girl is your twin in this photo for real.”

It’s the first time fans have remarked that PJ looks like her mother. Typically, fans have made it a point to declare the youngster looks like her dad, who owns The Original Hot Dog Factory restaurant and Cru hookah lounge in Atlanta.

Upon seeing little PJ’s face after Mother’s Day in May, that’s exactly what fans sounded off about on Instagram.

“Damn….no Maury needed! #YouAreTheFather 💯”

“Lord she looks just like her father. She is so precious ♥️♥️”

“Jesus that is your twin lol 😝 congrats Porsha , you now know the struggle … all that work and it’s his baby 🤣 ❤️💕🌺💋🌹”

Long before Porsha revealed her baby’s face to the world at the conclusion of her “RHOA” spin-off special “Porsha’s Having a Baby,” the star has indicated that PJ looks like her dad.

The star explained during the season 11 reunion of the long-running Bravo show that Pilar’s appearance would determine what name she gave her.

“I have one other name picked out,” she said. “If the baby comes out and she looks exactly like me, then I will name her Porsha Jr. But if she looks like her dad, which I think she will ’cause I saw her head, I’m gonna name her the other ‘P’ name.”

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