‘You Never Acted Like This with Vince’: Tamar Braxton’s Flirty Video with Boyfriend Causes Fans to Remark on Her Newfound ‘Happiness’

Well, folks, it looks like Stella isn’t the only one that got her groove back. Singer, television host, and “Braxton Family Values” reality star Tamar Braxton  is letting it be known that you can still find love even after a turbulent split.

The 42-year-old took to Instagram July 5 showcasing her “hots” for boyfriend, David Adefeso. In the video, Braxton can be seen winding her hips to Cardi B’s “Press” while sticking her tongue out at Adefeso.

“I know what he looks like, but I wanna know if his sweat tastes like chocolate??😰💦💦 *it do* he smell like Hershey’s too👅 #igottasweettooth🦷😂😩😩😩,” Braxton wrote for her caption. The mother of one can be seen rocking a gold and black two-piece pants set and blonde tresses. The two appear to be on a tour bus.

Tamar Braxton (Photo: @TamarBraxton Instagram Page)

“Yes he got that good good👅she didn’t do Vince like that,” one fan wrote.

“You never acted like this with Vince yea we knew he wasn’t you type sis,” another fan wrote.

“TayTay got her groove back‼️ ❤️”

“So happy for you girl “GET YOUR MAN” Big Mommas voice.”

“I love this Tamar 🥰🥰🥰love is in the air and pure happiness.”

However, in the video, Adefeso seemed unbothered by Braxton’s tongue action as he appeared to be on his phone, which fans also reacted to.

“Man that text must have been important he’s #TEAMUNBOTHERED LOL.”

“LMFAAOO HE WAS LIKE “girl tf is you doin?” 😂😂😩 that little “hi” you gave him when he looked at you😂😭😭.”

“He funny thing is that he was on the phone & missed all the fore play! 😂😂😂👍🏽👏🏽.”

In April 2019, Braxton and Adefeso made their official couple debut during the premiere party for “Braxton Family Values.”

It’s been a year since the pair got together, and their relationship follows after her split from Vincent Herbert in October 2017. Herbert and Braxton were married for nine years. They share a son, Logan Vincent Herbert born June 6, 2013.

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