‘The Final Season for Me’: Tami Roman Confirms This Is Her Final Hurrah on ‘Basketball Wives’

Reality television superstar Tami Roman has graced TV screens since the 1990s with her debut in “Real World: Los Angeles” in 1993. Now Roman is making her exit from the recurring VH1 reality series “Basketball Wives” season 8 that premiered on June 19 at 8 p.m.

The “BBWTea” Instagram page shared a video of the 49-year-old during an interview with Million Dollar Motivation at the 2019 BET Awards June 23 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. “#TamiRoman confirms that this will be her LAST season of #BasketBallWives.guess her contracts gonna be up after this🤦🏼‍♀️#BasketBallWives #BasketBallWivesLa #BBWLA #BBW,” the caption read. “The final season for me, season 8, but I’m sure they will get another season, and you’ll be able to see all the ladies,” Roman said when asked what fans could expect from upcoming seasons.

“I’ve been doing this [the show] since 2010, and it’s just run its course for me in particular. It takes a lot of time to film “Basketball Wives,” were in that thing for six to seven months at a time, so I just wanted to have the opportunity to have some free time to do some other things,” she added.

(Video: @BBWTea Instagram page)

Roman has made her presence known on the show with her outspoken personality and at times abrasive demeanor. Fans wasted no time giving their thoughts on the mother of two making her final appearance on season 8 of “BBW.”

“I’m glad she moving on. I’m very proud of her,” one fan said.

Another fan claimed that Roman wouldn’t be able to leave the show because the creator and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal need her for the show. “She’s been trying to get off for years. Shaunie ain’t letting her go nowhere because Tami is the show,” the fan wrote. “Evelyn doesn’t thrive without Tami on it. Jackie has become calm and Jennifer about to leave. Either Tami stays, or the show comes to an end.”

“Very proud of Tami! You’ve got to know when to open your hand and go out with grace!”

“Her contract up, she doesn’t need the show no more dude.”

“Well I won’t be watching after this season is over with.”

“I will not be watching anymore if she not on it, so this will be my last season too.”

Majority of the comments under the post were favorable toward Roman announcing her departure from the show. However, there were a few social media users in the comments that didn’t seem fazed that Roman is making her exit from “BBW.”

“Bye! You will NOT be missed!” the commentator wrote before hashtagging “ #BULLY.”

“Good, she brings nothing to the show, another user wrote.”

“Good, was tired of her being on the show anyways stopped being a fan a while back.”

Well, for those who aren’t fond of Roman surely don’t care for her leaving the show, loyal fans of the reality star genuinely believe that the show won’t be able to stand without her seeing that she has been a part of the franchise from the beginning in 2010.

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