Monica Talks Infidelity, Says It’s Senseless To Be More Upset With the Other Person

Monica recently was seen in a video with fellow R&B singer Tank, and they were in the studio making music together.

At around the 4:00 mark, the “Commitment” performer talked about infidelity and said she wouldn’t confront the other woman, because it’s senseless.

The way Monica sees it, a person who’s been cheated on should only confront their mate, not the other man or woman, because that person didn’t make any vows.

“Typically, when people find out that their mate is cheating they will blame the other person more harshly than their mate. And I just find that to be insane,” she said in the clip, which surfaced in June.

Monica then said that her younger self would react to cheating rumors by approaching the other woman, but she’s since learned better.

“Because at the end of the day, the person that you took either vows with or made a commitment — because everybody ain’t married, but if I live with you it’s the same thing for me … so it’s like the commitment that you’ve made and the requirements and the responsibility of taking care of the other person’s heart only belongs to your mate.

“It’s nobody that’s going to meet somebody that I’m with that don’t know that they my somebody, but they still don’t owe me what the person that I’m with does,” she added.

The 38-year-old explained that she may get some information from the mistress about the affair for her own benefit, but that’s as far as she’ll go with a confrontation.

The singer also made a point about keeping her cool so she doesn’t get into any legal trouble and be taken away from her children.

Elsewhere in the clip, Monica explained why some people may cheat in the first place, and she said it has to do with an emotional void.

“When somebody disrespects you like that, it’s sometimes a lack of love,” she stated. “People assume it’s just a lack of love towards you, but a lot of people, when they’re moving around like that, they don’t really love themselves, and sometimes they don’t even feel worthy of who it is they have and they don’t even know how to care for that.”

The R&B star is currently going through a divorce with former NBA player Shannon Brown after she filed papers in March. News of the split came shortly after the former couple sent cryptic messages that seemed to confirm rumors that their marriage was in trouble.

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