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‘Hot Ass Mess’: Tamar Braxton Defends Herself Against Fans Who Blast Her Bawdy Performance

Tamar Braxton hit the stage at Chicago Pride over the weekend and while the crowd was feeling it, some of her fans on Instagram decidedly were not.

They let the singer know when they glimpsed a brief clip of her
performance, which was uploaded to the star’s account on Sunday, June 30.

“Shout out to the city of CHICAGO and my ENTIRE team for such an amazing pride!!!!! my very first pride EVER! I’m so grateful for all of u and to God for sending the RIGHT people 🌈🌟,” Braxton captioned the video.

The clip saw Braxton in a full-black and metallic hot pink jumpsuit that had cutouts exposing her rear end. She complimented the look with a rainbow wig fitting for the event, which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community.

Rounding out the set, Braxton swung around a whip before strutting toward the back of the stage and raising it above her head. She dipped it low in matching hot pink heels to boot.

Several commenters loved what they saw.

“Yaaaassss everything about this is yaaaassss!!!!”

“You were WONDERFUL.”

“I thought you was about to twerk the way you dropped it low 🙌🏾😩 that whole look is heavenly love you Queen Tamar keep yo foot on they necks 💯 @tamarbraxton.”

And while the performance resulted in cheers from the in-person attendees, jeers emerged in Braxton’s Instagram comments.

“She is too damn old for this bulls–t #hotassmess.”

“Lawddddd the amount of ass these entertainer’s show nowadays ain’t pretty.”

“Put your clothes on.”

“Too old for this S–t. Tired of black woman showing their Ass. Enough.”

The backlash stemming from the performance was enough to push Braxton to issue a response to all her haters on her Instagram Story over the weekend.

“Let me tell you super saved people something… first, I said what I said!! I thank God for good people! .. Periodt!! And also, God is love even if u don’t agree with the choices people make or even who they are!!! You love anyway! And if you are really saved then u know you show love first and leave the judgments up to him!!! How about that! Stay off my page with that u going to hell bull!! Because I represent love and God is love! Now, read that part in the Bible.”

While some took issue with the star’s skimpy ‘fit and who she represented for on stage, it isn’t the first time in recent months that Braxton has shown some skin at a show. When she took part in pal Kandi Burruss‘ “Welcome to the Dungeon” tour, exposing her skin was not unusual. She was forced to hit back at haters in May who dissed her cellulite.

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