Porsha Williams Says She’s ‘Entering Into a Marriage Soon,’ Giving Fans Hope She and Ex-Fiancé Dennis McKinley Can Work Things Out

Porsha Williams recently indicated that despite reports from last week, she is still gearing up to get married, as her supposed ex-fiancé says he’s on her side.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shared a video of her remarks on her Instagram account Thursday, more than two weeks after she appeared at the American Black Film Festival in Miami, Florida.

“I was having a self-reflecting moment and I thought to myself, my fear and being in another relationship and being married again is becoming the Porsha I was before,” Williams said on Bravo’s “Families & Black Love Panel” June 13 while mentioning a therapy session concerning her marrying Dennis McKinley. “Now, as you grow, I realize I want someone to love me and I want to continue to be who I am today.

“I’m one who believes if you work hard and you do right by people whatever blessings that you want that God has for you, he’s gon’ give it to you,” she added. “I still feel like even though I’m going to be entering into a marriage soon, et cetera, I just don’t want to lose that. I want him to marry Porsha in the fullness that she is today.”

Fans took her comments as a sign that the two were together. This considering they came one week before reports emerged that she and McKinley, who share 3-month-old daughter Pilar Jhena’, were no longer heading down the aisle.

“So in reality, are you and Dennis still gone get married ah wah🤗”

“She’s still with Dennis…whew!!!”

“I hope this mean you and Dennis will work it out.”

The couple’s split came after rumors bubbled up in late May that The Original Hot Dog Factory owner was unfaithful. McKinley denied those claims, however, and vowed to sue vlogger Tasha K.

Meanwhile, Williams and McKinley have continued not to be seen together and Williams has consistently not worn the massive rock her man proposed to her with a year ago. Even at the ABFF panel, Williams’ engagement ring was noticeably absent.

Still, two weeks following Williams’ recent remarks, her ex-fiancé replied to a commenter on Instagram to declare he’s still in her corner.

“You, My girl & pj suppose to be sitting right there with you I’m team Porsha all day long, Porsha, Porsha, Porsha🗣” someone remarked.

“@la_toya_mi_chelle I’m team Porsha as well,” McKinley replied.

In response, fans further pushed him to make things right with Williams.

“@workwincelebrate you better be team @porsha4real and fix it whatever you broke just fix it.”

“@workwincelebrate we know. You better get to begging like Keith Sweat bro.”

“@workwincelebrate well ack like it doggone it🐝”


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