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‘U Delicious’: Tiny Harris Looking T.I. Up and Down Sends Waves Through Social Media

*Tiny Harris Leaves Fans in Stitches After Looking at T.I. Lustfully: ‘She Sweatin Ya Dog’

It seems the fire in T.I. and Tiny Harris‘ marriage is still burning.

The “I F–kin Love You” singer is not shy at all about expressing her sexual attraction to her husband, and the “Top Back” rapper apparently loves every bit of her public attestations to his bedroom prowess. The couple attended the 2019 BET Music Awards this past weekend and shared several photos capturing a few of their moments together.

One photo in particular, showed T.I. and Tiny seemingly preparing for takeoff in a helicopter.

“Chopper City out the Ghetto feat. @majorgirl,” he wrote Monday via Instagram.

Tiny Harris
T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris. @troubleman31 @GT/Instagram

As the twosome set next to each other, folks noticed Tiny was ostensibly looking at her husband and his man meat lustfully as he stared off in another direction.

The singer herself chimed into T.I.’s comments on his post and confirmed she couldn’t help but gawk at her spouse, writing, “😍😍 I can’t help but look u up & down u look delicious 😋.”

T.I. responded with a laughing emojis as his fans also chimed in.

tiny harris

“She do be sweating ya dog lol #wifeyrewards 😂 keep it spicy all day.”

“@majorgirl this is the”2nd” photo from that night you looking at your husband’s snickerdoodle. Sheesh!!!! 😂😂.”

“@majorgirl. Man I love you and your husband style… He melts in yur 👄 T.i 😭 so fresh it s the best.”

“T.I. you in troubleeeee😀 to nite handle your business tiny 🙌.”

Earlier this month, rumors surfaced the couple were heading towards splitsville after the Xscape singer posted a cryptic message on her Instagram story, reading, “Dont lose yo b–h tryna keep up wit a hoe that cant keep up wit yo b–ch,” the post read. She added at the bottom, “Tuff act to follow 👑.”

Days later she confirmed her and T.I. were in a great place in their marriage despite their past relationship woes and her divorce filings in 2016 and 2017.

She addressed the gossip June 4, telling Page Six, “Y’all cannot think, every time I post something, that means we’re in a bad place. I posted it meaning . . . he needs reminding. … I mean, we good … this week.”

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