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Tiny Breaks Her Silence About T.I.’s Cheating: ‘Divorce Is Off But We’re Still Living Separately’

Spouses Tiny Harris and T.I. addressed the rapper’s cheating head-on during the season premiere of their reality show, “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” and Harris revealed some stunning news about their reality.

After T.I. was caught feeling up on “Greenleaf” star Asia’h Epperson backstage at one of his concerts over the summer, rumors swirled that Harris had drawn up some divorce papers once again.

But on the Monday, Oct. 22 episode, Harris said the couple is not ending their marriage. However, that doesn’t mean they’re living under one roof.

“As of right now, the divorce is off,” she said. “We’re in a better place, but there are still setbacks in getting back to where we used to be. We’re still living separately.”

She also said in a confessional that Tip “should not be grabbing on anybody’s ass.”

Harris then confronted her husband about the Snapchat video, which he explained away by saying it wasn’t a real issue but grew into one thanks to the input of social media.

“Before, man, it was all about us and we had our own world and whatever we did in our world was us and we were cool with nobody included,” Tip tells his wife on the show. “Thier opinion didn’t matter, their voices didn’t matter … And now all of a sudden, everybody’s opinion makes it into the house. I hate it. I hate it. I don’t care about how they feel. I care about you feel. I love you regardless.”

“The chemistry of you and I cannot be duplicated. You can put you with somebody else, me with somebody else and you ain’t going to get the same thing,” he added.

In a confessional, Harris made it clear her husband needs to put in the work to show he’ll fight for her.

Meanwhile, fans who watched the moment chimed in.

“I feel like TI just basically said he been cheating since he met Tiny, so what’s up.. Why the problems. #FamilyHustle.”

“I love TI and Tiny, they went thru s–t but at the end they back together ❣️”

“After watching that TI and Tiny clip, he might have a point lol Are women more upset at the fact of getting cheated on? Or the fact that the world (Social Media) knows that she got cheated on?”

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