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Rasheeda Frost’s Transfixing Beauty Captivates Fans in Her Recent Fitness Video: ‘She’s So Gorgeous’

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost is doing a number on fans with her radiant appearance.

This week, the reality star and fashionista gave social media a glimpse of her at home fitness routine she implements to stay in shape. The video she posted to her Instagram Friday evening showed Frost running on the treadmill and doing several pushups and crunches.

While exercising, the television personality wore a gray T-shirt, sweatshirts, sneakers and a red waist trainer with her hair pulled back in a high ponytail. Her face was completely makeup free, delighting in her natural essence.

Rasheeda Frost debuts natural hair
(photo credit: Rasheeda’s Instagram)

The “Boss Chick” also explained to fans she wasn’t keen on being “cute” while working out but is more focused on the results.

“Not trying to be cute just trying to get results this a real deal at home workout!!” she wrote in her caption.

Fans were clearly inspired by Frost’s health dedication but even more mesmerized by her authentic appearance.

“I can’t do a push up to save my life but I loveee this womannnnn she is so gorgeoussss 💕.”

“I need to be over there working out with you sis!!! 🔥 but woman you look stunning without make up! Get it in Queen! 👏🏾.”

“So pretty without the makeup! 😍 get em girl!! And for the record, you always cute Rasheeda!”

“Natural beauty is the best beauty 👑 but girl you make them damn push ups looks easy 💪🏽.’

Frost currently owns fitness company Rasheeda Fit, which offers customers four different workout videos and an annual 21-day summer challenge for a “total body transformation.”

During an interview with OK Magazine in 2017, she said it was important to incorporate fitness in her everyday life even with her busy schedule of being a business owner, mother and wife.

“I found what works for me is doing a nice 30–45 minute workout that includes cardio, some light weight work, and I’m always working on my core,” she said.

Frost mentioned that she works on her abs often and gave four tips on how to get ‘killer abs.”

“Train your abs two to three times a week,” Frost said. “Eat small meals every three hours with lean protein at each meal. … The more water you drink, the less water you will retain. …. [And] increase your cardio.”

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