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Rasheeda Frost’s Rigorous Fitness Routine Has Fans ‘Putting Down the Pizza’

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost may be the motivation fans need to get started on their fitness journey.

Frost, who’s talked about her passion for fitness in the past, recently shared a video of her sedulous workout regimen she does to keep in shape. She took to Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 6, and posted a stream of videos of her at-home workouts, including running on the treadmill and core training with kettle bells. She also promoted the “What Waist” waist trainer created by social media influencer Premadonna.

“Nothing like a great at home workout & it’s nothing like sweating it out in my @whatwaistofficial define waist band get into it baby!!” the mother of two wrote in her caption. “#Teamgetfit #healthiswealth #bobmarley.”

Rasheeda Frost


Frost is seen sweating profusely during her rigorous workout. At the very end of the video, she looks to the camera and says, “Oh, I’m exhausted.”

Fans appeared to be inspired by Frost’s health dedication and swarmed her comments to declare her as motivational.

“I’m slowly putting down the pizza 😂,” one fan wrote. “Naw this inspirational af! Time to get my summer body.”

Another added, “You go girl 🏋️‍♀️ you look amazing 🔥. I need to get on my fitness s–t asap 💪🏽!”

“She is soooo inspiring to me!!!! Like I’m bout to get on the floor beside my cubicle and do some squats, lunges & crunches. So serious. And let somebody say something 👍🔥,” a third fan added.

Frost’s own fitness company, Rasheeda Fit, offers customers four different workout videos and an annual 21-day summer challenge for a “total body transformation.”

The reality star told OK! magazine in 2017 that although she’s a mother and wife, she finds it important to incorporate “fitness in your everyday life.”

“I found what works for me is doing a nice 30–45 minute workout that includes cardio, some light weight work, and I’m always working on my core,” she said.

Frost mentioned that she works on her abs often and gave four tips on how to get “killer abs.”

“Train your abs two to three times a week,” said Frost. “Eat small meals every three hours with lean protein at each meal. … The more water you drink, the less water you will retain. …. [And] increase your cardio.”

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