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Evelyn Lozada Names Who She Thinks Is the Most Annoying Cast Member on ‘Basketball Wives’ and That Person Hits Back

Evelyn Lozada made the rounds to promote the latest season of “Basketball Wives” and her new book “The Perfect Date,” but things weren’t all upbeat when it came to the discussion of her reality show.

After chatting on “The Breakfast Club” Thursday, June 20, about the rumors that plagued her last season concerning her allegedly sleeping with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal (which Lozada denied), she turned her attention to her relationship with Jennifer Williams. Lozada said their tensions will come to a head this season, and it’s something personal to her.

“That’s hard for me because … I’m emotional about that,” she says. “And then you have all the cast members who are just annoying as hell. I’m like, ‘You are by far the most annoying cast members I’ve ever had.'”

When pressed to give a name, Lozada was hesitant.

“I don’t even want to give her this light,” she says with a sigh before naming the person at issue.

O.G.,” she says dryly.

Asked about what makes the retired lingerie football player so annoying, Lozada simply replies, “You’ll see.”

The comment did not land smoothly with O.G., who caught wind of it Thursday afternoon.

“See when you’re almost 50 and still very much thirsty single and lonely as all fux.. maybe you’re the ‘annoying’ one hun..,” the former “Basketball Wives” newbie tweeted. “Now extract my name from your common denominator ass mouth.. this is a seven game series and i’m going for the sweep..😂🤫 #iheartog #nigerianknockout.”

Several followers backed up O.G.’s stance.

“That’s right OG, you a real one! Let that joe b—h know!”

“You go girl, Evelyn is the annoying one, whining ass all the time.”

“Og is 🔥and evelyn feel some type of way because she can’t punk her and treat her like s— like she was doing them other b—-es in the past seasons.”

Others wound up agreeing with Lozada that her co-star is annoying.

“She is the most annoying and the ugliest 🤷‍♀️🏽”

“I mean… she is the most annoying 🙄🙄”

“So because she called her annoying, she wants to talk about her relationship status and age? Classy. And I’ve always felt people who have to assert they’re beautiful or a ‘knockout’ are insufferable no matter how attractive they are or aren’t. What’s your real value? Bc it isn’t kindness.”

“Girl bye since you’re not 50 and lonely. U got so much time in ur hands to learn how to type. And that man will never marry ur ASS.”

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