‘What Tamar Do Now?’: Trina Braxton’s New Post Has Followers Thinking She’s Talking About Younger Sister

A telling meme Trina Braxton uploaded to Instagram has fans thinking the star may be indirectly calling out her younger sister Tamar Braxton in one way or another.

Trina uploaded a meme featuring rainbow-colored text that said, “When people feed off of attention….. starve them!!!”

On top of that, she added further in the caption, “Why is it that people think they can post whatever they want to you, and if you don’t respond the way they want you to, YOU’RE the bad guy!”

It didn’t take long for fans to zero in on the word “attention” as well as surmise that by “people,” Trina actually meant Tamar, who has long been known to get into drama with her sisters.

“Oh damn, what Tamar do now?”

“Tamar needs to be starved…..”

“Your little sister!!!”

“Girl so is you telling everyone to stop watching your reality show or to ignore Tamar cause we all know she and your sisters feed off the attention your fans give y’all cause it puts money in your pockets boo?”


Still, some fans guessed the post was referring to fans or Tamar’s flat Father’s Day ode to dad Michael Braxton and estranged husband Vince Herbert. Others felt Trina was simply calling out her fans.

Exactly who or what Trina was referring to with the IG post remains unclear. However, her tensions with Tamar have played out on the family’s reality show “Braxton Family Values” last season. One notable moment came during the finale when the sisters gathered in Napa Valley for dinner in celebration of Tamar’s birthday. Trina’s boyfriend Von Scales took the moment to propose, which resulted in a fire being lit under Tamar.

After giving Scales and her sister a lackluster congratulatory hug, Tamar angrily walked out of the eatery, cussing up a storm.

“F–k Trina, I don’t want to talk to that b—h. F–k her!” she said.

“It’s not a good look for y’all! Y’all look like s–t!” Tamar goes on when sister Toni Braxton goes after her to talk her down. “I put all of y’all on [Instagram Live] … The fans saw! Ain’t nobody proposing on my f–king birthday!”

Tamar’s actions have led her own fans to beg her to get rid of the attitude if for no other reason than the sake of her son.

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