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Why Jennifer Williams May Become a Mother Sooner Than We Think

We may not know the identity of her man, but Jennifer Williams is going public about her desire to become a mother.

The “Basketball Wives” star shared the development within the comments of an Instagram post she made Friday, June 14.

Posing in a cream blazer, a white shirt and high-waisted denim shorts with heels and a handbag, Williams appeared totally carefree.

“We are all too blessed to be stressed 💕” she said in part in the caption.

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams. (Photo: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram)

But the real story came when Williams replied to a commenter who asked about her baby plans.

“Can we get surrogate for your baby to be please.. Don’t let them good genes go to waste motha,” the Instagram user asked.

“@kingme_iwon lol! I’m going to work on it soon… I can’t wait to have a little one 😁” Williams replied.

Fans readily applauded, as Williams’ statement was music to their ears.

“@jenniferwilliams that’s all I been waiting to hear. Can’t wait to see! Sending positive love and energy your way!! Stay blessed!!!”

“She would be an amazing mother 💕.”

“@jenniferwilliams Ive Beeennnnn waiting to hear you say that !!! 🤗”

There’s no word on exactly how soon is soon, but on her Instagram Story, Williams seemed to be more in love than ever with her potential baby daddy.

With a Nigerian tune playing in the background, a smiling Williams wrote across the video, “This song reminds me of my man❤️”

Officially confirming she was seeing someone in September, the reality star has been doing a good job of shielding her main squeeze from the public eye.

Back in August 2018, Williams’ followers got a glimpse of a guy whom she was riding with on her Instagram Story.

“Him ❤️” she captioned the picture.

The most fans have heard of who he is was in September, when the star stopped by “The Breakfast Club” radio show.

“He does real estate,” she said, dropping breadcrumbs about her man’s identity. “He’s not in the business. … He’s definitely a boss. He’s a really good guy. It’s very new, so we’ll see.”

Williams also noted her guy is older — 50 — and is a divorced man with kids.

It remains to be seen whether viewers will glimpse him on this week’s premiere of “Basketball Wives,” however, as Williams has said her man “is not a fan of reality shows.” What’s also up in the air is whether fans will see her family planning begin to roll out on screen, too.

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