‘Go Be a Mother First’: Fans Trash Akbar V. After She Gets Into Heated Argument With Shekinah Over An Ex

It seems the tension between “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars Akbar V. and Shekinah Anderson continues to brew.

It was last reported that the VH1 cast mates allegedly got into a scuffle during the “LHHATL” reunion that was filmed last week. According to a now-deleted Instagram Live video posted by Akbar, she insinuated that her and Anderson’s beef had something to do with the hairstylist’s bestie Tiny Harris that stemmed from a few years ago, but according to this week’s “LHHATL” teaser for the next week’s episode, it seems there’s more to Anderson and Akbar’s beef.

Shekinah Davis
Shekinah Davis (left) and Akbar V. (right). (Photos: @thatshekinah, @akbarv/Instagram)

In the teaser, Akbar V. revealed to viewers that she has a child by an old boyfriend of Anderson’s, which apparently created some friction between the two women. The aspiring rapper apparently still held some sort of resentment towards Anderson for supposedly interfering in her and her “baby daddy’s” relationship and decided to pop up at the hairstylist’s event shown in next week’s episode.

While at Anderson’s event, in front of a crowd, she asked a pending relationship question while shading Anderson right in front of her face.

“What happens when you meet a dude but his ex-girl be all on his nuts?” Akbar asked. “Because that’s what Shekinah did to me when we had an interaction with my baby daddy.”

Anderson replied, “I’ve always been a hoe.”

Things quickly escalated when Akbar accused Anderson of throwing sneak shots at her and called her a “punk b–ch.”

Fans were shocked to learn the supposed real reason behind their beef and had a mass of reactions.

“Akbar mad ass s–t😭😭 SHE NEEDS TO GOOOO, like seriously @monascottyoung don’t bring her back pleaseeeee 💯.”

“😂 Akbar got beef with shekinah over a nigga.”

“Akbar worrying about them drama she had with her baby daddy and doesn’t even have custody of her kids 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ girl go be a mother first kick this dumb b–ch off 😫.”

“Not the time nor the place I would of rather seen her do a grown woman sit down even tho your so pressed over a nigga 😩 smh.”

As for their alleged physical altercation at the taping of the show’s reunion, Anderson hasn’t spoken much about the debacle. Akbar, on the other hand, has been dropping cryptic messages, writing in one of her latest posts, “I’m understanding that every battle not meant for me to fight.”


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