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‘LHHATL’ Reunion Flies Off the Rails After Akbar V. and Shekinah Get Into Fight Over Tiny Harris

It seems viewers can expect the upcoming “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion show to be completely full of drama.

The taping of the VH1 show apparently took place on Wednesday evening at an undisclosed location. Word on the street is that cast mates Shekinah Jo Anderson and Akbar V. got into an explosive altercation regarding Anderson’s bestie, Xscape singer Tiny Harris.

Akbar took to her now-deleted Instagram Live seemingly amid filming for the reunion and went on a rant, yelling and screaming about her vehement argument with Anderson.

“Dumb ass b–ch I get no name off T.I., Tiny, Family Hustle, VH1, b–ch I been self-made,” Akbar yelled into her phone while on Live. “I grinded for this shit hoe you riding your best-friend coattail you punk p–y ass hoe, you ain’t gone do nothing. I don’t give one f–ks.”

Akbar V.
(From left) Shekinah Anderson, Tiny Harris and Akbar V. (Photos: @thatshekinah/Instagram, @akbar_v)

An unidentified person on Akbar’s Live, one fans believed to be a “LHHATL” staff member, asked her why she was bringing up an issue with Anderson from two years ago, and she replied, “because it didn’t get solved.”

Anderson supposedly accused Akbar of barging into Harris’ studio session, a session Akbar claimed the Xscape singer was six hours late for. It’s unclear exactly how long ago the music studio incident occurred, but Akbar seemed like she was still upset about the situation.

The Atlanta native also accused Anderson of bringing up her children in a disrespectful way. Akbar revealed earlier in this season of “LHHATL” that she was fighting to gain custody of her five children, who were all staying with her relatives, which is seemingly a sensitive topic for her to discuss.

“Don’t bring up anything about my child!” she yelled. “If you don’t like me, you shouldn’t speak about them kids, period, because I’m going to feel offended. … If you say ‘You need to be in the house with your child,’ I’ll feel offended.”

A supposed “source” from gossip site Media Take Outclaimed Akbar may have been under the influence of alcohol when she got into an argument with Anderson.

“Sierra was talking to Shekinah, and all of a sudden Akbar interrupted them, and started acting belligerent. I really think she was drunk or something,” the person allegedly told the media outlet. “Akbar started saying all kinds of stuff to Shekinah, and then brought up Shekinah’s best friend Tiny, and started saying terrible things about her too.”

The site claimed things became violent between the “LHHATL” stars and Anderson ended up getting kicked by Akbar, who was allegedly escorted off the set after the confrontation. She apparently got on her IG Live after the whole incident.

Anderson hasn’t spoken much about the debacle, and neither has Harris. Akbar, on the other hand, has been dropping cryptic messages, writing in her latest post, “I’m understanding that every battle not meant for me to fight.”

“LHHATL” fans have been having a field day with news of the drama.

“Does akbar ever shuts tf up serious question 🙄 she always starting s–t.”

“I hope Shekinah won that’s my girl Akbar shoulnt of brought up Tiny she can’t even defend herself  🤧.”

“idgaf how much you hate a person don’t bring up nobody kids or dead love ones Periodt 💯 that’s real S–t kids are innocent.”

“I just knew it was gone be her and shekinah, they act too much alike 🤣.”
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