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Jennifer Williams and Malaysia Pargo Dish on Infamous Table-Flipping Amsterdam Fight

Basketball Wives” season 7 wrapped with Jennifer Williams narrowly missing a table hurled at her from Malaysia Pargo in Amsterdam. Now the two are giving details on the moment that kept fans talking.

To recap, Pargo essentially had had enough of Williams’ lies. Williams had shown up unannounced to a group trip in Amsterdam, and when confronted about some less than flattering remarks about Evelyn Lozada’s daughter, she didn’t admit to what she said. Additionally, Williams would not own up to her part in claiming Lozada had slept with one of co-star and “Basketball Wives” executive producer Shaunie O’Neal’s exes.

“You a f—ing hater, b—-,” Pargo shouted after she claimed Williams threw Tami Roman under the bus with the O’Neal/Lozada rumor.

Pargo was held back but broke free from her co-stars and tossed a table outside the restaurant in Williams’ direction.

“Let me just whip this b—- ass!” Pargo shouted afterward.

Speaking with VH1, Pargo said the moment was one where she blacked out.

“What was going through my head? Nothing,” she says. “You see, when I get mad sometimes, I go black and I wanna see red.”

“I was very calm because I was trying to think of how I was going to throw this big b—h over this godd–n bridge,” Williams recalls.

“It was just me and Jennifer at this moment and everyone went somewhere else in my head,” she said. “At that point, I just seen a target and that was it.”

Williams said she’s not a fighter and allows someone else to throw the first punch. Still, she says, “I know how to retaliate. … If it woulda hit me, there would have been some issues.”

Meanwhile, Pargo admitted she remembers “bits and pieces,” including cousin Kristen Scott helping her calm down.

“In that moment, I was so grateful that I had family there that actually know me and know how to calm me down in situations like that,” she says. “So I was super grateful to Kristen and [Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu].”

Williams said that while the scene appeared “ghetto” to onlookers, she was raised in suburbia and is “not used to hostile environments, so I was mortified.”

Asked for their thoughts after seeing it on TV, Pargo acknowledged that there is “room for growth, room for change” but noted she didn’t see it that way in the moment. Her target, however, did not watch the scene.

“I had already lived it,” she says. “As grown-ass women, we should not be fighting. Like, this not the geriatric WWF. You should be fighting with your words. And if you don’t know how to do that, then you need to shut the f–k up.”

Yet both women agree that they don’t want to keep discussing the matter currently. Pargo asked that it be “put in a vault” and Williams wondered, “can we move on?”

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