Fans Eager for the Old Malaysia to Resurface After She Tosses Table at Jennifer Williams

A teaser for next week’s episode of “Basketball Wives” has fans eager to see if the old Malaysia Pargo is going to emerge.

During the latest season 7 episode, which aired irregularly on a Sunday night, a teaser for the midseason of the reality show aired. During the ladies’ trip to Amsterdam as part of some research for Shaunie O’Neal’s cannabis business, Evelyn Lozada invited Jennifer Williams without O’Neal’s knowledge.

Things come to a head when the women are gathered at a restaurant in an outdoor seating area.

“You a f—ing hater, b—-,” Pargo says after accusing Williams of throwing Tami Roman under the bus over a rumor about Shaunie O’Neal’s ex.

Then, she tries to go and fight Williams but is held back by other women in the cast. Still, she manages to break free and lifts a table, throwing it in Williams’ direction as security fails to block the shot.

“Let me just whip this b—- ass!” Pargo exclaims.

“The fact that you are proud of throwing a table says a lot about you… 🤷🏽‍♀️ #basketballwives,” Williams tweeted Monday after the clip made the rounds online.

The teaser has fans wondering if Pargo is going to go back to her first-season ways, which saw her get into a scuffle with Laura Govan back when the series was “Basketball Wives: L.A.” in 2011 and battle with Brandi Maxiell outside a club.

“Ohhhh we all know never to test her gangster. She can go there too when necessary 👌🏾.”

“They must’ve forgot how you pulled up for Brandi when you thought she was in trouble with your jogging pants and tennis shoes.”

“I swear! When I was just looking at that clip on Instagram, I said, ‘Aw lawd they about make @MalaysiaPargo go back to the old @MalaysiaPargo’ & I’m more than sure 👉 that’s not what they really want, or do they?!🤔🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️👑.”

“The Compton came out very quickly.”

And despite one fan encouraging her not to resort to violence, Pargo maintained she’ll “always defend myself.”

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