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K. Michelle Remains ‘Unbothered’ Following Explosive Encounter with Cussing Pastor

K. Michelle has been surrounded by quite a bit of drama as of lately.

The “I Just Can’t Do This” singer recently was caught on camera going back and forth with social media’s “cussing pastor,” whose real name is Thaddeus Matthews earlier this week at a restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. If that wasn’t already bad, Matthews then threatened to allegedly expose the singer’s longtime companion Kastan Sims, claiming the dentist gave herpes to a woman he supposedly knows.

Despite the ongoing rumors and drama, K. Michelle has yet to address the incident or her beef with the pastor. As a matter of fact, she’s seemingly been unruffled by the farce, posting on social media apparently as if nothing ever happened.

K. Michelle took to Instagram on Thursday with a selfie of herself in bed with a cup of coffee and her laptop. In French, she captioned the image, “Pas de baise ❤️” which translates into “no f–king.”

K. Michelle
K. Michelle. @kmichellemusic/Instagram

Fans swarmed her post, pointing out her seemingly calm demeanor.

“Yasss queen 👑 my sis so unbothered by the foolishness.”

“Goals ❤️ I will always fw you. You’ve gotten me through some dark times.”

“No caption needed 👌 we have your back here in Memphis K. Michelle love youuuu.”

K. Michelle’s post comes a day after Matthews posted a video of their heated altercation. The clip, which was recorded by a customer who witnessed the incident, showed the Memphis native going off on the cussing pastor while Sims seemingly tried to calm her down.

K. Michelle
K. Michelle and Kastan Sims. @thaddeus_matthews/Instagram

She accused Matthews of sexually abusing kids while claiming that she knows his alleged “boyfriend.” Matthews then began insulting Sims, calling him K. Michelle’s “girlfriend.”

According to the Instagram sensation pastor, he claimed K. was still mad from an incident in December, where he reported to officials that she’d allegedly painted the inside walls of a house she’d supposedly been evicted from because of late payments.

“I guess her real ugly ass is still upset over the fact in December I reported that her trifling ass had painted the walls pink of a house she was legally evicted from after missing months of paying rent on a mansion here in Memphis,” he wrote in a video post, addressing their beef.

Neither K. Michelle or her boyfriend Sims has commented on the allegations.

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