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‘Don’t Come for Me’: K. Michelle’s Encounter with the ‘Cussing Pastor’ Turns Violent

A peace offering between singer K. Michelle and Thaddeus Matthews whose known as the ‘cussing pastor’ seems to be off the table.

The R&B songtress along with her boyfriend Kastan Sims ensued into a heated altercation with Matthews after they crossed paths with one another at Regina’s Cajun Kitchen restaurant in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The incident was apparently filmed by a customer who witnessed the frock.

K. Michelle
K. Michelle and Thaddeus Matthews. @Kmichellemusic/Instagram and@thaddeus-mattews/Instagram

Matthews posted the video to his Instagram page with a lengthy explanation of what happened meanwhile referring to K. Michelle as “the craziest b–ch in the entire universe.” He said their argument stemmed from him reporting to office-bearers in December that she’d allegedly painted the inside walls of a house she’d supposedly been evicted from due to omitted payments.

“I guess her real ugly ass is still upset over the fact in December I reported that her trifling ass had painted the walls pink of a house she was legally evicted from after missing months of paying rent on a mansion here in Memphis,” he wrote. “As I sat waiting on my 3lbs Of crab legs the owner comes over and tells me that Michelle told her if I didn’t leave she was calling the police and telling them I was stalking her, so I told her to tell her ‘Bitch call them’ which she did 3 times. The police never arrived so after about 30 minutes her and her very feminine acting boyfriend decided to leave.”

K. Michelle
K. Michelle and Kastan Sims. @thaddeus_matthews/Instagram

Their verbal altercation apparently escalated more and Matthews claimed she started calling him names to which he responded, “Malnourished B–ch take you and your out of drag looking boyfriend on out of here and hurry across town before the graveyard closes.”

The beginning of the video didn’t show what incited their argument, but it shows the singer accusing the ‘cussing pastor’ of sexually abusing children. She and Sims also shouted at Matthews that they know his alleged “boyfriend.”

“K. Michelle you got the right one I don’t give a damn about you at all, if you hadn’t acted up I would not have known who your poster child for funeral home looking ass was,” Matthews wrote.

The “Crazy Like Me” singer has yet to address the incident, but Matthews on the other hand made another video, threatening to expose her boyfriend Simms of giving her herpes.

“Don’t come for me if I don’t send for you,” the pastor wrote. “Tonight on my Tv Show I will play the tape of Andrea who says that Dr. Kasdan Simms the boyfriend of K.Michelle gave her Type 1 and2 Herpes.”

Thaddeus Matthews
Thaddeus Matthews . @thaddeus_matthews/Instagram

Their beef has took social media by storm and received a mass of reactions:

“This gay ass pastor is going to hell 😂.”

“But she supports pedophiles so don’t worry about nobody boyfriend. She may be a predator too ☕️.”

“They’re both too old for this . smh wow they can’t even be cordial in front of people.”

“Wow and you call yourself a pastor and you over her acting like that. yeah right I woulda cursed you out too 😐.”

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