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‘I’m a Critical Component to the Show’: Kenya Moore Hints at Possible Return to ‘RHOA’

Less than a year after she exited “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya Moore appears to be hinting at a possible return.

The new mom stopped by Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5’s show “Middays with Jazzy McBee” May 2 and dished on whether or not she’d be back on the show for season 12 — at least to an extent.

“It’d say hypothetical is, uh — it speaks for itself,” she says with a laugh, agreeing with McBee that she’s “needed” on the show.

“I appreciate that and I think the fans recognize that too,” she adds. “Everyone has their favorites on the show. So whether I’m your favorite or not, I think people realize that I’m a critical component to the show. And I think that because it is an ensemble show, that chemistry and that balance needs to be there for it to work.”

“I just think that sometimes you have to go through it to figure it out, and the numbers don’t lie,” she adds.

So while she was relatively tight-lipped about confirming her peach-holding status, she did open up about the nature of her departure from “RHOA” last season.

The star released a statement in October 2018 saying she ditched the show to avoid “drama,” adressing persistent rumors that she was fired.

“They didn’t make me [leave],” she explains at the 4:50 mark. “Trust me, I wasn’t fired. I know a lot of times, I read these blogs, ‘fired,’ how are you gonna get fired if you have an offer on the table?

“It’s several reasons, I’m beyond it now,” she explains further. “Things just did not come together for me the way they should. I decided to take my time, and do what I wanted to do, which was focus on my family. I’m so happy that I did. … I didn’t want to jeopardize my pregnancy, I was really high-risk and throughout my pregnancy, literally, every time I went to the doctor, it was like, you’re biting your nails where they thought I had an [ectopic] pregnancy. They saw the gestational sac, but then they didn’t see any development, so they thought it may have been a false pregnancy.

“It was just like, every step of the way, it was something that made me feel like it may not happen for me. Putting that on top of the daily stressors of the show, and that nonsense, I can’t do it.”

In response to the possibility of Moore being back on the show, her fans were supportive of it.

“Here for Kenya allllll damn day.”

“Yay @thekenyamoore.”

“They need to bring her back.”

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