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‘Good Riddance’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Viewers Probe Around After Noticing This Cast Member Missing in Teaser for New Season

As “Black Ink Crew” New York comes to an end, “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” is gearing back up for its return.

The teaser for “Black Ink” Chi’s new season dropped this week and gave fans a glimpse of the upcoming drama they can expect to see. However, one of the show’s main cast members, Lily Barrios, who seemed to be at the center of drama and controversy last season, was noticeably absent from the teaser clip.

Lily Barrios
Lily Barrios. (Photo: Instagram)

If fans can remember, the Mexican native received a mass of backlash for her constant use of the n-word last season, which she eventually apologized for after refusing to do so several times before. Although 9MAG owner Ryan Henry, put her on a leave of absence after the incident, he ultimately extended an olive branch to her to come back to the shop, but she disdainfully declined, saying she quit.

Lily Barrios
Don Brumfield and Ryan Henry of “Black Ink Crew” visit “Sway in The Morning” on “Shade45” Feb. 15, 2019, in New York. (Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Well it seems Barrios may be permanently off the show, although fans are still questioning her whereabouts.

“No Lillie? I’m gonna miss her so much 😞 watch the ratings go down on the show.”

“Will Lily be on da show i sure hope so 😩.”

“Damn say what you want but honestly @tat2lily kept the show entertaining . Going to miss her.”

Other folks hoped she was gone for good from the show.

“I’m glad lily racist sloppy ass ain’t coming back, good riddance 🤢.”

“No one care about lily to stop watching lmfaoooo f–k her!”

During season 5, earlier this year, Barrios and her co-star Charmaine Walker engaged into a huge altercation after Walker demanded her Latina co-worker be fired for repeatedly saying the word “nigga.”

Black Ink Crew
There was no love lost between Charmaine Walker (left) and Lily Barrios (right). (Photos: @blackinkcrewchicago/Instagram)

Walker explained that before she and Barrios began beefing in season 4, she noticed the tattoo artist would say the n-word frequently and asked her to stop using the derogatory term. Barrios seemingly refused to do so and “flaunted it on social media.”

“[She] just needs to understand where the n-word came from and understand that it’s a word that Black people took from its oppressor to gain the power back,” Walker said. “Lily’s just walking around and throwing the n-word everywhere and anywhere she can and I don’t like the context she uses it.”

Barrios however defended her right to use the slur by claiming she “grew up saying it” and no one had a problem with it.

“I understand why people feel like I can’t say the n-word, and regardless if it sounds like an excuse for them, I grew up saying it and it wasn’t nothing where it was out the blue,” Barrios explained. “It’s something in my vocabulary how I grew up talking, it’s what it is.”

It’s no word on what Barrios is up to since the show, but it looks like she won’t be a part of the series’ new season.

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