Report: Jennifer Hudson, David Otunga Heading to Trial After Failing to Settle Differences in Custody Dispute

Jennifer Hudson and her ex-fiancé David Otunga were unable to iron out their differences in the ongoing custody dispute involving their 9-year-old son David Otunga Jr., so now they’re heading to court.

According to the Blast, the trial will begin on August 5 after they postponed an earlier court date in attempts to come an agreement.

The site also reported that Otunga accused Hudson in separate, sealed filing of disobeying court orders.

Earlier last month, the estranged pair made headlines when it was reported that Otunga wanted Hudson to pay for his housing costs.

Hudson’s lawyer said that because the singer was never married to the WWE employee, just engaged, she shouldn’t be responsible for paying for his living costs — especially when he wants to live in a home just as nice as hers.

And since the pair split, they’ve been hurling nasty accusations at each other.

For example, in 2017, Hudson was granted an emergency order of protection after she claimed Otunga shoved her while she was holding their son.

The “Dreamgirls” actress also said her ex exhibited “aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior” and that she was “living in fear of further action he might take” to gain custody.

Hudson later dropped the petition, which Otunga’s lawyer called “meritless” and a way for the “American Idol” alum to gain a foothold in the custody case.

Otunga then sent a subpoena to Hudson’s sister Julia Hudson in August 2018 and requested her to sit in on a deposition.

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