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Jennifer Hudson Doesn’t Want To Pay For Her Ex’s Housing Costs: ‘Nothing Entitles David To Live In a Home Identical To Jennifer’s’

The father of Jennifer Hudson‘s son, David Otunga, reportedly wants the singer to pay his housing costs,on top of the child support she’s already giving him. It’s something Hudson doesn’t want to do, and she’s now fighting it.

The two have been embroiled in a vicious custody battle for quite some time over their 10-year-old son David Otunga Jr., and things seem to be getting nastier.

On top of that, the couple was engaged but never got married, so Hudson said she shouldn’t be responsible for maintaining a lavish home for Otunga — especially when can afford one himself.

Otunga is currently employed with the WWE, where he’s been a wrestler and commentator. He’s also a lawyer as well as a Harvard graduate.

“Nothing entitles David to live in a home identical to Jennifer’s,” court documents reportedly read. She also “denies that the child support should extend to housing subsidies for David when the parties were never married.”

Otunga also claimed to be the primary caregiver, because Hudson is busy with her career, something she denies. The “American Idol” alum also said that her ex is often on the road with the WWE, so he can’t be the primary caregiver.

Plus, the singer blasts the idea that her career keeps her from being a good parent who’s present, and Otunga claiming to work less or not at all doesn’t make him a better one.

“To accept David’s proposition that because he is present, he is a better parent would be to do a disservice to working parents in general and to Jennifer in particular,” read the documents.

She also accused her ex of not being the stay-at-home dad that he’s portraying himself to be, because he was busy promoting his appearance in the film “A Madea Family Funeral.”

Hudson says Otunga wants to mimic her career and doesn’t want to be the full-time parent like he claims. And just because Hudson lives like a successful entertainer, it doesn’t mean that her ex should live that way too, she stated.

“Having a child with a celebrity should not be the basis to treat David like someone who has given birth to a child and who has no means of supporting the child,” it said in the documents. “Jennifer is the one who gave birth to the minor child, who had the minor child with her as she traveled prior to the difficulties the parties experienced in their relationship.”

Hudson and Otunga split in late 2017 after being engaged for almost a decade. The singer also filed for an emergency order of protection against her ex at one point and said he shoved her while she was holding their son, which Otunga denied.

Their custody battle began in March of last year.

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