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Porsha Williams Seemingly Still Haunted by Ex Kordell Stewart as Housing Becomes Issue With Fiancé Dennis McKinley

While Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley gear up to welcome their baby on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” offshoot “Porsha’s Having a Baby,” the couple is also contending with housing issues.

Williams explained on the debut episode Sunday that the couple agreed to live in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth for two to five years before uprooting and moving elsewhere, but with both of their jobs being in the city, McKinley wants to move to the upscale Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead.

In an effort to appease her man, Williams agreed to view a home in the swanky area — a $2.5 million estate formerly owned by a rapper. As the couple dined with their mothers later on in the April 28 episode, McKinley disclosed he put an offer on the home. But his failure to consult Williams pushed her over the edge.

“When did we decide that? That is not the way you communicate in a household!” she says before getting up from the table and crying upstairs.

The couple’s mothers explained it was a surprise, but there was more to it than they knew. Williams revealed that she and her ex-husband Kordell Stewart had agreed to sell their separate homes when they got married. However, upon their 2013 divorce, Williams discovered the former NFL player never actually sold his house.

“When we broke up, he conveniently was living back at his place,” she explained in a confessional scene. “A lot of women who’ve been divorced have baggage. I’m not exempt. … Communication will fix the past tryna creep up in this new relationship.”

Speaking to her sister Lauren about the matter as they viewed the baby shower venue, Williams said she learned McKinley did not sell his former abode as they agreed upon.

“I found out that Dennis rented his house as opposed to selling his house,” she explained in a confessional scene. “It’s just that uncomfortable feeling when you realize the agreement that we had is a little different.”

The house drama will continue to play out over the next two episodes, and in the meantime, fans have been weighing in on the tension the issue has brought to the relationship.

“Kordell left porsha with nothing living back in her momma house so I don’t blame her for not trying to go through that again, and if she smart she would still keep her house. #PorshasHavingABaby.”

“@Porsha4real isn’t dumb. She remembers that hurt and stuff from Kordell. She never wants to be kicked out again. #PorshasHavingABaby.”

Stewart split from Williams in 2013 saying in the divorce filing that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

Sources close to the “RHOA” star told Us Weekly at the time that she was “100% completely blindsided” by the breakup.

Since then, Williams has firmly moved on from Stewart. After kissing several frogs along the way, she finally met her hot dog king in 2018 and got engaged to The Original Hot Dog Factory owner McKinley last summer. The proposal came after Williams got pregnant and the couple plans to wed by the end of 2019.

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