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K. Michelle Crashes Country Music Event and Demands Folks to Put Respect on Her Name: ‘I’m the Next Taylor Swift’

R&B singer K. Michelle caused quite a stir on social media this past weekend with her latest public announcement.

From the very beginning of her music career, K. Michelle made it clear that singing country was a desire of hers. However, she’s had a hard time crossing over to the genre, with music executives telling her that’s because she’s Black, she has claimed.

Some folks may have assumed she moved past that obstacle when she debuted a snippet of her new country song earlier this month, showcasing her yodeling talents, but it seems that was not a breakthrough.

K. Michelle
K. Michelle at the 2018 Soul Train Awards, presented by BET, at the Orleans Arena on Nov. 17, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)

Over the weekend, K. Michelle crashed a country music event in Nashville, Tennessee, after seemingly not being invited to perform there. Clearly upset and startling the host, she walked onto the stage, grabbed the mic and urged the audience to Google her, moments before declaring that she sings better than any white country singer.

“What’s up Nashville, my name is K. Michelle, I have three number one albums on billboard and you can pullout your Google right now as we speak,” she said to the seemingly stunned audience. “And I am a Black girl that sings better than any white mutherf–king country singer in Nashville right now! And guess what I have a ton of your favorite people behind me, so when I say I’m the next mutherf–king Taylor Swift, it’s not a joke, it’s the truth.”

In a now deleted Instagram post, K. Michelle claimed she was told not to sing country music due to her race.

“Hey Nashville! I was not invited but I came,” she wrote. “I had a public announcement that Nashville ‘I AM HERE’ you can’t keep telling me I can’t sing your music but the truth is it’s MINE. It’s ours. … We bleed the same blood. Let’s make some magical musical regardless of how we look.”

K. Michelle

A few years ago, the recording artist went onto Twitter and slammed music execs she claims were trying to limit her musical talents.

“I’m sick of executives telling me I can’t sing certain songs because I’m Black,” she tweeted in November 2015. ” I grew up on country, let me sing.”

K. Michelle
@kmichellemusic Twitter

She continued, “U guys don’t know what it’s like 2be told what u have 2sing. On more than 1 occasion Ive been told I cant sing certain song cuz I was BLACK. … Music has no color and I’ll walk away from it before I let this industry keep disrespecting Black artist.”

K. Michelle
@kmichellemusic Twitter

The celeb’s explosive video initiated a wave of fan reactions.

“She has no class sorry ! I don’t care how good she is …her introduction sounds arrogant and racist… she makes her ppl look bad 🤦‍.”

“Nashville is continue to attempt to push her out of their music industry but @kmichellemusic has to continue to push her way in. I’m from Nashville and sung back up for numerous country music artist. We’re good for back up but not to be an artist. I support @kmichellemusic on the journey and will continue to do so. #blackgirlsrock 👏🏿👏🏿.”

“Make the music K we don’t need their approval for anything…”

“Well that’s not the way to break in. Have some class.”

“I love her! The TakeOver is NOW! Go everywhere you feel you unwanted! 💪🏿😂 let her SPEAK!”

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