K. Michelle Goes Country? Singer Yodels in New Song, Leaving Fans Surprised: ‘Her Voice Sounds So Natural for Country Music’

R&B musician K. Michelle apparently has been dabbling into other genres of music, stumbling upon the world of country music.

K. Michelle is taking her talents to another arena with her latest country song she debuted on Instagram Live Sunday afternoon. For those unaware, the artist told fans in 2016 that she grew up country, even earning a music scholarship to Florida A&M University by yodeling.

Over the past few years,she’s discussed her desire to go country but has had a hard time crossing over to the genre, allegedly due to music executives telling her that she wasn’t “white” enough. It seems the singer has refused to take no as an answer and appears to be making inroads in the country music industry.

K. Michelle

Singer K. Michelle performs at The Tabernacle on February 25, 2018 in Atlanta. (Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

The 35-year-old mother shared a small clip of her new country song she has yet to give a title. In the song, she yodeled majority of the lyrics, singing, “Yodele I want to be your lady too.”

Some fans went wild over the star’s new effort, urging her to continue pursuing country music.

“Shut it down K!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Dominate those country charts!!!”

“Gone head K and crossover! You are so gifted 🔥.”

“I love that her voice sounds so natural for country music 💕.”

“I love how versatile she is. She’s a musical genius💛 this is 🔥.”

“She expressed her love for country music a long time ago I felt she should’ve been done this, so this is cool. Yas get that country coin sis 👏🔥.”

Others were not feeling the song as much.

“Aw hell Naw! 😂 The yodeling Walmart kid called and said this ain’t it chief. 👎🏼.”

“Yeah this is a no for me dawg.”

A few years ago, the recording artist went onto Twitter and slammed music execs who were trying to limit her musical talents. She said music executives would not bite on a song she’d written because it was too “mainstream.”

“I’m sick of executives telling me I can’t sing certain songs because I’m Black,” she tweeted in November 2015. ” I grew up on country, let me sing.”

K. Michelle

@kmichellemusic Twitter

She continued, “U guys don’t know what it’s like 2be told what u have 2sing. On more than 1 occasion Ive been told I cant sing certain song cuz I was BLACK. … Music has no color and I’ll walk away from it before I let this industry keep disrespecting Black artist.”

K. Michelle

@kmichellemusic Twitter

A month ago, the “Crazy Like Me” singer told fans that she finally landed an opportunity to dabble in country again, and it apparently has come to fruition. On March 18 she also posted a photo with country producer Derek Wells, whom she apparently got a chance to work with.

“Such an honor to sit with one of the greatest guitarist/producer in country music right now,” she wrote on Instagram. “Im so excited and ready to get to work. Thank You Derek Wells, it’s a true blessing! #Nashville.”


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