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‘Are They Gonna Jump Puma Too?’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans warn Ceaser to Not Put Hands on His Ex-Bestie

Black Ink Crew” viewers are urging boss man Ceaser Emanuel to refrain from fighting his former pal Paul “Puma” Robinson.

Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks gained quite a bad reputation last season after jumping former Black Ink employee Alex Robinson and apparently causing his current back injury. Although Emanuel appeared contrite in the last episode for what he’d done to Robinson, it still didn’t change how fans viewed him, seemingly as a “violent coward.”

In a recent teaser for the April 24 episode, Emanuel is shown as reunited with his former friend Puma, whom he’s fought twice in former seasons. For those who don’t remember, Emanuel and Puma were thick as thieves during season 1 of the VH1 series until the father of two decided to leave Black Ink to open his own shop, at least in part because of Emanuel’s apparent drama-causing ex-girlfriend Dutchess Lattimore. Emanuel and Puma eventually mended their friendship, but it didn’t last long when tension between the Black Ink and Puma’s INK 124 shops caused their friendship to once again crumble.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel (left) and Paul “Puma” Robinson. (Photos: @vh1 @blackinkcrew/Instagram)

Since their squabble, Emanuel and Puma have been at each other’s throats, and when Sky Days invited the INK 124 owner to the crew’s vacation house in Los Angeles, Emanuel appeared to have a problem with it.

“Get his a– out of her now before I really f–k him up,” Emanuel is heard yelling in the clip as he and Ruks walk toward Puma in a seemingly threatening manner.

“Black Ink Crew” viewers blasted Emanuel for apparently trying to fight Puma, urging him to keep his hands to himself.

“Teddy can’t let Ceaser fight for hisself they some punk Bitches!!! They better not jump Puma!”

“So are they gonna jump Puma too? Teddy always trying to beef with somebody🙄 somebody help that nigga find a job and Ceaser needs to grow TF Up!”

“Ceaser just beats up anyone and doesn’t care who he hurts. Glad Alex is suing him!”

“Tell @ceaserblackink to keep his dusty a– hands off Puma! They always jumping people who weight less than them🙄!”

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