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Reports: Wendy Williams’ Estranged Husband Calls Cops on Press Months After Police Showed Up to Home for Welfare Check

Wendy Williams continues to make progress in separating her life and business interests by filing to divorce husband Kevin Hunter, but that means more attention has been placed on the man who wed her more than two decades ago.

On Thursday, the day he was officially removed as executive producer of “The Wendy Williams Show,” Hunter called local authorities to the mansion he shared with Williams in Livingston, New Jersey. His complaint? Too many press vehicles were parked outside the residence. According to The Blast, Hunter claims he was harassed by media that had vans outside the home on April 18.

“The resident [Hunter] says there’s a news van outside his home that won’t leave him alone,” the 911 operator said in the call obtained by the celebrity news outlet.

An officer told the dispatcher that law enforcement spoke to Hunter and media.

“We spoke with the caller as well as the press — both sides — and explained that they can be in the road and on the sidewalk, but not on their property,” he said.

The report emerged days before another police-related incident concerning Williams made headlines. TMZ reported Tuesday about a January call to police concerning the welfare of the famed talk show host.

A police report obtained by the website said an anonymous caller wanted to have authorities check on Williams as they were concerned Hunter was poisoning her. The supposedly worried person claimed to work for Wendy Williams Productions.

The report said two officers showed up to Williams’ and Hunter’s New Jersey residence and Hunter was initially hesitant to let them in. Hunter’s reasoning was due to his wife being ill and recuperating from a health concern. After the police explained they must speak to Williams because of the anonymous call, Hunter let them in. That’s when they discovered the host lying in bed “with the blanket covering from neck to toe.”

One of the officers asked that Hunter leave the room so they could speak to Williams privately, the report states. However, Hunter did not want to step away from Williams, who said she was healing from a broken shoulder.

When asked about the claim that she’s being poisoned, Williams reportedly responded by saying something to the effect of “Well, I’m very popular,” according to the police report. Upon the officer repeating the question, Williams teared up but refuted the veracity of the call. Once she insisted she was fine, the officers left the premises.

The newly reported call was made during the time that Williams was on an extended hiatus from her talk show, to which she finally returned in March. Williams was seen on-air in December with her arm in a sling and slurring her speech, something that worried fans. Before Christmas, Williams announced she’d be taking a break from her hosting duties to focus on her health. Her fractured shoulder was rumored to be the result of a fall.

Fans immediately seized on the lurid idea of Hunter trying to poison Williams.

“So Wendy Williams soon to be ex husband is being investigated for potentially trying to poison her?!? Oh hell no! Send his ass to the slammer.”

“👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Wendy look more healthy..Kevin is the devil 👿 mf was trying to kill her😳”

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