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Tommie Lee to Update Fans About Jail Experience, Abuse Case, in New Podcast

Reality star Tommie Lee may be in jail, but she isn’t letting that stop her from getting to the bag.

On Instagram, a representative for the former “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” star announced that Lee, 34, would be launching her new podcast “Tommie Sh#t” from behind bars. Lee, born Atasha Jefferson, has been jailed since March 21 after showing up drunk to a hearing for her criminal child abuse case in Cobb County, Ga.

Tommie Lee

Tommie Lee, 34, started a podcast before she was jailed last month and plans to keep it going by sharing the stories of fellow inmates on the inside. (Image courtesy of Instagram / @tommiee_)

“Tommie started working on this podcast before she went in & she will continue to work from behind the wall to inspire those who are free to never take your life for granted,” the Instagram post reads. “Helping the women behind the walls to redemption and respiration’s until she’s back out.”

“This wasn’t the way we planned it,” it continues. “But y’all know Tommie is a workaholic and won’t stop so she’ll be sharing her experience every week on her podcast make sure you tune in 🙏🏽.”

The first episode, entitled “Life Behind Bars,” was released on Monday and addresses Lee being unexpectedly sent to jail last month. She also opens up about her rough upbringing, growing up in a “broken home” with no father and a mother who struggled to raise her and her siblings.

“Me growing up as a troubled teen, I learned a lot of what she was doing to help us survive,” Lee said of her mother, who she described as a “hustler.” “And it got me in a world of trouble.”

The 18-minute pod was previously recorded, her representative said, however, future episodes will feature Lee talking with other women inmates about their experience on the inside.

Fans expressed excitement over the news and sent words of encouragement to the embattled television personality.

“No worries GOD GOT YOU,” one fan wrote. “I’M PRAYING FOR YOU BOO. YOU ARE A STRONG AFRICAN QUEEN. DON’T LET NO ONE TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍😍😍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 @tommiee_ I love you, love your drive love YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

“Praying for you and your family love !!,” wrote another. “💚 Take all the time you need so you can continue to boss up !!!”

One fan simply wrote, “Free Tommie.”

Others commended the “Truth” rapper for continuing to make boss moves, but argued was imperative that she seek help for her issues.

“My hope and prayer is that her team pushes tommie to get help,” wrote one woman . “She’s beautiful, hard working and talented. But it’s been a long history of trouble for this beauty. Wishing her the best. 💕”

Lee was recently denied admittance into a court-based mental health program, apparently due to her lengthy arrest record. In January, she was indicted on several child abuse charges after assaulting her daughter at the child’s middle school.

The reality star was diagnosed with a serious unknown mental illness around the time she was charged and faces up to 54 years behind bars.

“Why do people condone certain negative behaviors and say free Tommie?,” one critic opined. “She put herself in this situation. She has the resources unlike many people in this world,to get the help she needs. She’s probably a great person and with consistent help, using strategies for sobriety, and an healthy environment she can life abundantly and to her full potential. But to say ‘free her’ after she did this to herself is mind boggling.”

“Wishing her nothing but guidance,growth peace, and clarity for her and her family,” they concluded.

Here more from Tommie’s podcast below.

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