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Report: Soulja Boy’s House Burglarized While He’s In Jail, Suspects Taunt Him on IG Live

Ever since Soulja Boy dissed Drake on “The Breakfast Club” in January and went viral, it seems he’s regained some of his popularity. But the rapper also had some legal troubles, and since March he’s been locked up twice for probation violation.

If that wasn’t bad enough, his home in Agoura Hills, California, was broken into a few days after he was sent to jail for the second time, and the thieves took a long list of pricey items.

According to TMZ, someone who was watching the rapper’s home phoned police on Monday to notify them of the break-in, and in the end the suspects took $500,000 worth of necklaces, high-end watches, earrings, and $100,000 of cash from his safe.

They also stole the rapper’s iPhone, got into his IG Live account and recorded themselves.

In a video, the men can be seen laughing, joking and mocking the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper, all while his followers watched. It hasn’t been confirmed if those same people are the actual crooks, but police suspect them to be.

On top of that, the suspects have been contacting Soulja’s famous friends and telling them they’re his new artists. They’ve begged those people for features as well and said Soulja wants them to post their music video on their Instagram pages.

News of the break-in comes just days after other people hacked into the 28-year-old’s Instagram page while he was still locked up.

On Monday a man and woman who are different from the burglary suspects, said they’ve secured Soulja’s private Instagram information and want him to pay $1,000 to get it back.

The rapper was sent back to jail on Thursday, April 11, almost two months after police searched his home and found ammunition, which violated his probation. The authorities were at Soulja’s house after a woman said he held her hostage, an accusation for which the rapper was never arrested.

Soulja’s probation stems from 2014 when police found a loaded gun in his vehicle.

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