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‘Donna Is the Root’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Alex Blames His Girlfriend Donna for Never Being Able to Tattoo Again

It seems there may be trouble in paradise between “Black Ink Crew” couple Alex Robinson and his girlfriend Donna Lombardi.

Robinson has seemingly been on the verge of a breakdown since doctors told him a few episodes ago that he’d no longer be able to tattoo due to a back injury he suffered from last season. After “Black Ink” owner Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks doubled-teamed him last year in an explosive fight, the tattoo artist apparently began experiencing back pains. Well, fast-forward to the season premiere and medical officials told the tattoo artist that he’d suffered from tissue damage in his back after performing a CAT Scan on him.

If that wasn’t already bad enough, doctors also told Robinson that his tattoo career was over due to his back injury. Not only did the news devastate him, the entire situation apparently took a toll on him physically and emotionally. Not only was he physically impaired from doing certain things like picking up his toddler son or sitting down in a chair bent over, he was also left unable to financially provide for himself, his son and girlfriend Lombardi.

Alex Robinson
Donna Lombardi and Alex Robinson. (Photos: @vh1 @blackincrew screenshots)

During a clip from April 10’s episode, Lombardi tried planning a cute romantic date for her and her beau, which turned out to be a complete disaster. She surprised Robinson with a trip to a pottery class which consisted of small chairs and tables. The tattoo artist instantly became frustrated because he was unable to physically sit down in the chair due to his injured back. Lombardi makes things worse when she jokingly asked the store clerk for a high-chair for him.

Robinson stormed out of the building, berating her by saying she should’ve thought the date through.

“Do you not understand I can’t tattoo now because I can not sit down for too long,” he said to Lombardi. “You didn’t think it through it all!”

He then began going off Lombardi for her apparent role in his downfall, blaming her for everything that’s happened to him.

“I should’ve thought through coming to Black Ink, I should’ve thought through going to the wedding, I knew it was gon’ be beef between me and Ceas. Everything was not thought through and I’m the one who gotta deal with the repercussions. … I shouldn’t never came to Black Ink and my back would be fine all the way 150 percent.”

When Lombardi asked if Robinson was blaming her for his situation, he simply replied, “Yes, I’m blaming you!”

“Black Ink” viewers watching the explosive scene agreed with Robinson, saying that Lombardi was the root of all of his problems.

“It’s all her fault 🤷. Her damn mouth and it wouldn’t have jumped off. Cease kept telling her grimmis shape ass to shut up b4 I get yo dude. It’s all on her!”

“Yesssssss it’s her mouth that got his ass kicked! They couldn’t beat her ass cause she is female so they beat the f–k out of Alex smh. She’s to blame!”

“Donna is the root of it all when you look at the beginning of it all! Ces and ted had no right jumping alex over donnas stupid actions but none if this would have happened if donna would have been an adult and leave the situation alone 😔🤦🏽‍!”

“Donna starts mad s–t and never thinks things through she got alex into this mess.”

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