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Soulja Boy Collabs with Exotic Pop for His Own Pineapple Soda

Being considered one of the first rappers to ever blow up on the Internet, Soulja Boy has been known as a trendsetter within rap circles. He also seems to have a true entrepreneurial spirit, the latest manifestation of which is the launch of his very own beverage.

On Sunday, Big Draco posted a clip to his Instagram page and announced his collaboration with Exotic Pop with new pineapple soda, which bears his name and animated face on the bottle. Soulja partnered with a company called Exotic Pop for the move, which prides itself on offering wild, unique flavors that you won’t see in your everyday soda machine.

Soulja Boy has been credited for having a true entrepreneurial spirit after launching his own soda. (Photo: Getty Images, Marcus Ingram)

“We sippin nothing but Exotic Pops,” said Soulja in the clip. “Soulja Boy, pineapple soda for the whole f–king 2019. What the f–k wrong with y’all n—–? First rapper with this sh–. You see what the f–k going on. Exotic Pop. No cap. Really having this sh–.”

According to the company’s Instagram page, the drinks aren’t for sale yet, but “they are coming” and will be priced at $5 a bottle. Exotic Pop can be found in Texas, California, Florida, Georgia and Nevada.

It’s not clear if Soulja will offer more flavors under his branding deal with the soda company but he certainly could because they offer a wide array of choices. Some of the company’s flavors include birthday cake, banana, watermelon Sour Patch, cherry limeade and something called Brisk Mango Fruteria.

Undoubtedly, Soulja has been involved in a number of business ventures recently. In 2018, for example, he announced his own line of watches called —  what else? — “SouljaWatch.”

The rapper released his own SouljaGame console last year as well, but it quickly got  pulled for copyright infringement, because he didn’t get licenses for some of the games that could be played.

The “Crank That” rapper announced other products too a while back, including the SouljaPhone, SouljaBoard and SouljaDrone, although they can’t be purchased yet.

Soulja Boy recently shared a glimpse of his new collab with Exotic Pop on Instagram Live

But still, people seemed proud of the 28-year-old and let him know about it on his Instagram page.

“I don’t care if you like him or not he is definitely going to be a billionaire before he go 🤴🏾🤴🏾🤴🏾,”  someone wrote.

“Proud of you bruh💯💪🏾,” a second person commented.

“Congrats on diversifying your business,” another wrote.

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