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Joseline Hernandez Blasts Stevie J. After He Tries to Shut Down ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Rumors

The feud between Joseline Hernandez and her ex-fiancé Stevie J. is never-ending.

Earlier this past week, the “Hitman” music producer seemingly tried to prove that he wasn’ an absentee father after getting attacked on his parenting skills by Hernandez and Ty Young, the current partner of his ex Mimi Faust, who called him an “Instagram Daddy.”

Attempting to denounce the deadbeat claims, Stevie uploaded family photos of himself and his children spending quality time together. Although his and Hernandez’s 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella apparently wasn’t a part of the family play date, he assured that he’d be seeing her sometime soon.

Stevie J.

Eva Jordan, Savannah Jordan and Sade Jordan. (@hitmanstevie_j

“Thank you God for blessing me with these dolls,” he wrote in his photo caption on Wednesday. “Bonnie we’ll see you in 2 weeks #Dajordans.”

The self proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” evidently saw her “baby daddy’s” post and abruptly let fans know that Stevie wasn’t a part of their daughter’s life.

“Bonnie’bella don’t know who you are,” she said on Thursday, triggering a slew of fan comments that followed after.

Joseline Hernandez

@joseline @shaderoom/Instagram

“We know he a deadbeat sis he ain’t fooling nobody 😩.”

“She shuts him down every time man 😩😂 i would hate to have her as my baby mama.”

“If he’s trying to see his baby let him. Let her get to know him smh.”

“🤦🏾‍♀️Let that man be a dad. He can get to know her, it’s never to late.”

“Why is everybody mad at Joseline? Seems like Stevie is only a dad on social media🤣.”

Over the past several months, Hernandez claimed Stevie has been a neglectful father towards their 2-year-old daughter. A few weeks ago, she claimed Stevie hadn’t seen the toddler in over a year and that his wife, singer Faith Evans was the one paying his child support.

Joseline Hernandez

photo courtesy/ Instagram (Left pic Bonnie Bella and Joseline) (Right Pic: Faith Evans, Stevie J., Savannah, and Steven Junior)

However, last July, “Love and Hip Hop” franchise producer Mona Scott-Young addressed rumors of Stevie J. not taking care of his children.

“He spends a lot of time with those kids,” Scott-Young told talk show host Wendy Williams, adding that he setup a financial plan to pay off the $1.3 million dollars he owed in child support.

“The checks go to him but I know he also started a fund — sorry to put it out there, Stevie — he also started a fund where a portion of his income goes into it to take care of his kids. So he takes care of his kids, yeah,” she said.

Nevertheless, Stevie has yet to address Hernandez’s claims of him not being present in their daughter’s life.

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