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Steve Harvey Doles Out New Relationship Advice, But One Fan Doesn’t Think He’s Qualified to do So

Steve Harvey is continuing to dish out relationship advice to his female audience members, and in his newest set of tips he’s helping them learn how they can choose quality guys.

Assembling a panel of diverse women for his “What I Taught My Daughters” segment, the Monday, March 25, edition of “Steve” saw him chat with the ladies about relationships and dating.

“Here’s the one quality you want a man to have: does he do what he says he’s going to do?” Harvey says when asked about how women can find men of good character. “If he says he’s gon’ call you, and he don’t ever call you when he say he gon call you, why are we still talking to him? If he say he’s coming at a certain time and he repeatedly doesn’t show up, why are we still talking to him? Why are you talking to a guy who does not do what he says he’s gon’ do except occasionally? Because suppose it is the one occasion where you really need him. And it’s just one of them occasions where he just ain’t comin’.”

The question was asked by a woman with some experience in the dating world, but it’s sound enough that even younger women could identify with it, too.


“Yes he hit it on the nose.”

“I totally agree.”

Still, at least one fan took issue with Harvey doling out advice on men, pointing out his lack of commitment to two of his total of three wives.

“Well the fact that you’d listen to a man that’s been married 3+ times is beyond me lol.”

Harvey’s first marriage to Marcia Harvey lasted from 1980 to 1994. His dreams of obtaining comedy stardom led him to put chasing his career ahead of his family. He later discussed how he earned the trust of his twin daughters Brandi and Karli Harvey after they felt he left them behind to become such a huge star, he disclosed to People magazine in 2016.

Next came his marriage to Mary Shackelford, whom he wed in 1996 and divorced in 2005. In the years since, Shackleford has accused Harvey of torture, intentional infliction of emotional distress, child endangerment and “soul murder.”

Still, Harvey has managed to keep things going with Marjorie Harvey. They’ve been married for more than 10 years.

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