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Steve Harvey Offers Up Relationship Advice When Woman Wants to Know How to Break It to Her Dad That She’s Moving In with Boyfriend

A woman recently appeared on “Steve” wanting to know how to tell her dad she’d be moving in with her boyfriend. But host Steve Harvey has a major reason why as a dad, he’d be against it.

The comedian took the question during his “Hey Steve” segment on Monday, March 18, and the audience member, whose name is Deshawn, wanted to know how to tell her pastor father that she and her boyfriend of four years would be renting a place of their own with each other.

Deshawn said her father is not a fan of “shacking up before marriage.”

“Daddy, hi. I’m finna move in with my boyfriend and we not getting married,” Harvey answers plainly.

“We gonna get married, just later,” Deshawn replies, leaving the host confused.

Deshawn then explained that her sister asked her when she and her boyfriend would be moving in, to which her religious father responded, “When they get married.”

“Yeah, which is the same thing I would say,” Harvey responds to an applauding crowd. “I mean, I’m a father. I have four daughters. I’ve told all my daughters don’t even come to me with this here foolishness. If this boy thinks enough of you to want to live with you, then let’s sign up to live together.

“I’m not old-folky, now,” he continues. “People live together, that happens. I got it. I’m not knocking it. But I just told my daughters that ain’t the way we gon’ do it.”

Explaining why she wanted to move in with her boyfriend, Deshawn said the rent in Los Angeles is pricey and she only really learned about her past roommates while living with them.

“But you weren’t sleeping with them roommates,” Harvey responds. “So you finna tell your pastor daddy that you sleeping with this boy and y’all gon’ move in together. You just go in and tell him, ‘Dad I’m grown and this what I’m gon’ do.’ But he gon’ be hurt. You’re his princess … he did the best for you. Now you just gon’ go in there and hurt your daddy like that?”

The guilt trip appeared to have worked on-air, and folks weighing in in the comments section of the “Steve” Instagram page couldn’t agree more with the comic.

“Best advice ever…marry then move in together.”

“I love Steve’s WISDOM so much… no matter what the culture does he keeps his values strong! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

“As a father I agree Mr Harvey.”

But while fans have given Harvey lots of credit for how he has raised daughters — twins Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey and stepdaughters Lori Harvey and Morgan Harvey-Hawthorne — it’s been clear as of late that the sole unwed daughter, Lori, has been throwing caution to the wind when it comes to her dad’s dating advice.

After giving Trey Songz the boot, she was caught getting cozy with several men during Super Bowl weekend like British Formula 1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton and Justin Combs.

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