Eva Marcille’s Bridesmaid Betrayal Blows Up When Ex-Friend Is Exposed and Fans, Cast Members Erupt on Social Media

After Marlo Hampton spread a rumor that Eva Marcille is having money issues, the bridesmaid who exposed her ex-pal about her supposed financial instability has been identified.

On Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the bridesmaid in question was revealed to be Seannita Parmer, a woman Marcille once described as one of her best friends. That woman is the one who called Hampton and claimed Marcille has a CPN on her car and doesn’t own her home; who said it is in someone else’s name since her and her husband’s credit is so bad.

Tanya Sam brought the claims to Marcille, leading her to initially storm off from an event at Kandi Burruss’ second Old Lady Gang restaurant before she returned and explained her situation. She said she has actually had to move around often not because she can’t afford to stay where she is but because of her daughter’s father, Kevin McCall, who she claims stalks her. The issue has been so bad that Marcille has had to renew a protective order she has against him, she disclosed to her cast members. Hampton, however, didn’t buy it.

Fans have been sounding off on the matter, showing their support for Marcille, who refers to herself as a sunflower, by leaving the floral emoji in Parmer’s comments section.

eva marcille

(Photo: @seannita/Instagram)

But that’s not all. Marcille’s cousin, Terrell Mullin, exposed Parmer on his Instagram page March 25.

“For all those that wondering. This is the BUM Bitch that decide to trash my cuzzo @evamarcille after sleeping on her couch in Los Angeles for two f—ing years for FREE ….. Lady’s and Gentlemen @seannita !!! I never cared for her ass!! Told my cousin years ago! #ShesDefinitelyCatchingHands #WeAreFromTheStreets,” he said in the caption of a photo of Marcille and her bridal party.

eva marcille

“So wack…..” Marcille cosigned a commenter.

But Parmer didn’t simply lie back and take the criticism. She remained firm in her allegation that Marcille doesn’t own her home and claimed her utilities “are not paid as of yet.”

Mullin hit back to defend his cousin and claimed Marcille even paid him to style Parmer’s hair and “bought your ass cigarettes on a daily.”

“Don’t think she would of been living in that kind of expensive condo if she need help with bills and all that pumpkin,” he concluded.

eva marcille

Fans have also been lashing out at  Nene Leakes — who sat alongside Sam as Hampton dished the dirt on Marcille — and Hampton for their parts in the matter. Leakes took issue with Sam telling Marcille the tea, and when the new bride left the event, she spoke to her off camera, convincing her to come back and set the record straight.

On Instagram Sunday, one fan fired off about Leakes speaking to Parmer. But Leakes said she’s “NEVER had a conversation with this person!”

eva marcille

The backlash against Hampton was even greater, and she was forced to make a very lengthy response to her criticism.

“So because I bring info to the group I’m messy, unhappy & jealous, PLEASE!” she said in part. “I stated what the streets was saying, just like these girls have done to me for the last 6 years, however this tea came with RECEIPTS, so why would I not bring it to her Big Sis who could let her know her business was being spread by her supposed best friends & bridesmaids. Even some of her so called new friends were giggling when they heard the tea, but so concerned when spilling it to her 👀.

“And to show y’all how messy I’M NOT, I didn’t even share all the documentation/proof I was given,” she added.

The friend of “RHOA” dismissed ideas passed around about her dating history, like that she solely dates white men or that she’s a “prostitute.” She also maintained she’s a “fact-stater,” echoing her remarks made on Instagram last week.

“Never jealous of a 🍑 cause the 💰is secured, half the work, double the pay, winning 🤷🏽‍♀️,” she concluded.

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