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Marlo Hampton Pours Some Scalding Hot Tea on ‘RHOA’ Peach Holder Eva Marcille’s Supposed Financial Situation

Marlo Hampton is dishing out some peculiar rumors about newlywed Eva Marcille’s financial issues on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” next Sunday.

Previews for the upcoming episode, which airs March 24, show Hampton spilling to Nene Leakes and Tanya Sam what she’s heard about the new bride. According to Hampton, Marcille shouldn’t have dropped what the Daily Mail reported to be upwards of $200,000 on her nuptials.

Following Marcille’s lavish wedding to former Atlanta mayoral candidate Michael Sterling last year, Hampton said she got a call from one of the model’s bridesmaids — all, apparently, had turned against Marcille — who said, “Eva is a fraud, she hasn’t paid this, she hasn’t paid that, she’s taking care of Michael Sterling, he’s broke.”

Hampton told Leakes their co-star was facing “financial hardships” and went on to fill in Leakes and Sam on what she knew.

“I’m hearing that they’re having a problem with where they’re living, that they’re renting,”  she says. “I’m hearing that they have to get out ASAP. The streets are saying her car has a CPN or CPA number. … Some crooked way to get a car.”

According to the online finance source The Simple Dollar, a CPN or a Credit Privacy Number is an illegitimate way for people to protect their privacy on credit documents, lessening the risk of identity theft. It uses a nine-digit number people can supposedly use instead of their social security number. But using anything aside from your requested SSN on documents is illegal.

Jay Mayfield, senior public affairs specialist with the FTC explained the website that CPNs are illegitimate and the heavy circulation of misinformation means “the area is ripe for scammers.”

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis also says these schemes claim to clean up a person’s credit, but it actually just uses the random SSNs of people like longtime prison inmates, children and the elderly as the supposed CPN.

“I don’t know if this is absolutely true — I should know more,” Hampton continues. “But it’s just — it’s not good.”

Still, Marcille telling Kandi Burruss she has to move in two days on a preview for the upcoming episode is either clever editing or not helping the star’s case about Hampton’s claims as to why she has to move so soon.

“Why is she going to move from a rental to another rental? It just sounds fishy,” Burruss says.

Sam later confronts Marcille about the rumors, which also includes one of her apparent bridesmaids claiming Marcille’s home isn’t hers. A group sit-down about that matter seems to cause Marcille to storm off.

Meanwhile, fans have been discussing the matter from both sides.

“Why is her financial status their business?”

“Your priorities are screwed if you will spend tens or most likely hundreds of thousands on a wedding but some own your own house. We have to do better.”

“Everybody has hardships. And that’s okay. You’ll get there Eva! You’ll get there.”

“I just want Marlo to keep it real and show us what name she go by on backpage.”

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