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‘I’m a Fact-Stater’: Marlo Hampton Wants Nothing to Do with Claims She’s Hating on Eva Marcille By Airing Out Her Supposed Financial Woes

Fans inundated Marlo Hampton with criticism after she claimed “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” peach holder  Eva Marcille is facing “financial hardships.” Now the longtime friend of the show is putting her defenses up.

Hampton hopped on her Instagram Story March 20 to respond to the haters who trotted out old claims that she’s an escort and a homewrecker in their backing of Marcille. Hampton says such allegations have never been substantiated.

“Y’all won’t stop blowing up my mentions and my @’s saying I’m a hater,” Hampton begins. “A hater? Where?! … I’ve been on this platform for what? Five, six years [on the] ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ Every time I turn around y’all are saying Marlo’s an escort, Marlo date married men, Marlo only date white men, Mar-Ho. Every other day. About five to six years. No receipts. No one’s ever sent in a picture, no one’s never seen me with an old white man, no one’s ever seen me with anyone’s husband. No one’s wife has ever come public or girlfriend. No one’s ever outed me, which you know they will when you’re on a platform like this.

“But I tell y’all some dirt on Eva,” she goes on. “Some tea that not one, not two, but three of her bridesmaids delivered to me. And I’m a hater? No, sweetie. I love Eva to death. I told Eva even this herself: in Atlanta, nothing’s a secret. These streets are dirty. Be careful who your friends are … So y’all, please miss me with all that I’m a hater. Marlo Patrice Hampton is not a hater. I’m a fact-stater, OK?”

The video follows a preview clip for Sunday night’s episode of “RHOA” where Hampton said Marcille’s own bridesmaid described her as “a fraud” and said the model “hasn’t paid this, she hasn’t paid that, she’s taking care of [husband] Michael Sterling, he’s broke.”

“I’m hearing that they’re having a problem with where they’re living, that they’re renting,” Hampton dished. “I’m hearing that they have to get out ASAP. The streets are saying her car has a CPN or CPA number. … Some crooked way to get a car.”

In response to Hampton’s Wednesday night declaration, however, some fans still continued to see Hampton as a hater, while others backed her up.

“You been a hater 5 to 6 years. Messy Marhoe.”

“@marlohampton You’re a jealous hater! #theworstkind.”

“Come on @marlohampton ‘I’m not a hater, I’m a FACT stater!’ Florida’s Finest! 👑🏆❤️”

“Marlo really is a fact starter! And one heck of a smart woman! Hate the game but never the player #Team Marlo #royalredhair.”

Hampton’s video also came after Marcille herself cleared the air about her wedding spending, saying, “Let’s be very clear: I paid for my own wedding. There were no loans. Nothing was done on barter.”

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