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‘Black Ink Crew’ Teddy Ruks Tries to Offer Alex an Apology and It Backfires ‘I Ain’t a Succa!’

Black Ink Crew” manager Teddy Ruks tried lending an apology to his former colleague Alex Robinson after sneaking up on him during a fight, but it unfortunately backfired.

Ruks received a mass of backlash last week after he and his cousin Ceaser Emanuel got into a heated altercation with Robinson and his girlfriend Donna Lombardi. Although Emanuel threw the first swing, Ruks sucker punched Robinson from behind and all chaos broke loose.

Teddy Ruks

(Teddy Ruks (L) and Alex Robinson (R) get into explosive argument)

The explosive episode sparked outrage among “Black Ink” viewers who dragged Emanuel and Ruks for “jumping” Robinson for no apparent reason. Ruks, however, addressed the fight in an Instagram post on Friday, December 14 and apologized to the tattoo artist.”To the Young Philly Man *You Know Who You Are…* I WAS WRONG AND I APOLOGIZE TO ALEX! Ruks wrote in a now deleted social post. “You made me understand and I will do better for us. ✊🏿#blackinkcrew #love.”

Teddy Ruks


Ruks’ online apology wasn’t well received by Robinson who called out the “Black Ink” manager and Emanuel for not picking up the phone to call him. Robinson also appeared to challenge Ruks and his cousin to another scuffle.

“What nigga posts himself a pic of himself as a part of an apology to another nigga? … Niggas got my # coulda called for the one on but instead niggas wanted to jump me and blame timing 😒… I ain’t neva been a succa nigga & It won’t start now. … I’M WITH ALL THE SHITS PERIOD 😤.”


“Black Ink” fans continued to drag Ruks online for his “punk” behavior and felt he only apologized because of the backlash he received.

“Sorry but Teddy still wack as fuck🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“You’re only saying sorry because the world is mad at you you fat ass kelly price!”

“Fuck Teddy’s Apology 🤷🏿‍♀️ He’s a straight punk for jumping Alex!”

“Now he want to apologize. Like You’re a Grown Ass Adult Who Knew The Decision You Made Was Wrong Before You Did It!”

“Sometimes u cant apologize ur way out of hoe shit.”

“I wouldn’t take the apology neither he only apologizing because Alex wooped his ass.”

Emanuel also addressed the incident with Robinson, but refused to apologize to the 26-year-old.

“I ain’t apologizing for nothing,” Emanuel said in an Instagram Live video. “Shit happens.”

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