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Lori Harvey Throws Caution to the Wind and Goes Against Mom Marjorie Harvey’s Advice as She Explores Her Dating Options All Weekend Long

Lori Harvey had Twitter in a tizzy over the weekend when she appeared to have dumped boyfriend Trey Songz in favor of one of Diddy’s sons. But her deep dive into the dating game is different from what her mom Marjorie Harvey instilled in her years earlier.

In a 2015 segment on her husband Steve Harvey’s self-titled talk show, Marjorie gives their then-college-bound daughter the lowdown on dating.

“No athletes, no rappers,” she says with a laugh. “We gon’ go down the list. Don’t ever try to fit in when God has clearly created you to stand out. Always be a lady and understand you are the prize. Don’t give yourself to anybody that is not going to be your husband. If they love you, if they really care about you, they’ll wait on you.”

lori harvey

Quincy Brown and Lori Harvey at The Official Big Game Take over Hosted by Diddy+Jeezy+Future at Compound on Feb, 2, 2019, in Atlanta. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Marjorie added that she and Steve have drilled the message of carrying themselves “like a lady” into all their daughters.

“When it comes to dating, my mom has nothing to worry about,” Lori, then 18, said. “I got this.”

Fast-forward to 2019, and it appears the 22-year-old has done exactly what her mom advised her not to do.

After being photographed with Songz in December and making their relationship Instagram official in January, Lori deleted a photo of the cuddled up pair from her account over Super Bowl weekend. Apparently, Songz and his girlfriend got into an argument when Lori spotted the singer flirting with another woman at a club, celebrity gossip website Gossip of the City tweeted Feb. 4.

Afterward, the page claimed Lori was seen making out with British Formula 1 race car five-time champion Lewis Hamilton at the club. But then came an Atlanta Super Bowl party hosted by Diddy, Jeezy, and Future that Lori attended Saturday. Inside, she was spotted with Diddy’s son Justin Combs and the rapper-mogul’s surrogate son Quincy Brown.

Combs and Hamilton are just the latest set of Hollywood fellas that Lori has been linked to. In 2017, she was engaged to soccer player Memphis Depay, but their union was quietly called off sometime last year. Additionally, Lori has been rumored to have dated Future. The “Percoset” rapper spoke up after Lori was pictured with Songz and said, “You ducked too late. I see you… It’s cute, keep it up.” Plus, Meek Mill tried to shoot his shot with Lori when he name-dropped her in his song “Going Bad.”

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