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Porsha Williams Gives Eager Fans a Glimpse of Baby PJ

Porsha Williams still has yet to give birth to her first child, but that hasn’t stopped her from giving excited fans a peek at her baby girl.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star on Monday uploaded ultrasound footage to her Instagram page confirming she’s still pregnant and her baby continues to grow. She also took the time to introduce the little one affectionately nicknamed PJ to her online community of aunts and uncles, aka Williams’ Instagram followers.

“#BabyPJ meet your Insta aunties & uncles ❤️ A little over 7pounds 2oz so far🎀👶🏽 #StillBaking #3rdTrimester #DaddyDennis #MuvaP,” Williams captioned the March 11 post.

In the video, Williams’ fiancé Dennis McKinley had a little trouble determining that the image on the screen was PJ’s head.

“Oh! I just seen something! Oh, wow!” McKinley exclaims.

The doctor is heard in the background explaining the baby’s face is showing and her hands are up by her face.

“Look at her nose!” Williams exclaims. “Look at you!”

Fans soon went wild over the preview of Williams’ new baby with McKinley.

“I saw this and wanted to cry. So happy for you Porsha and Dennis.”

“I am so happy for you you take it easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“This auntie is beyond Happy and waiting!! Come on Baby girl PJ.”

“Thank you for sharing your baby with us. You are giving hope to so many, including me.❤❤❤🙌”

“Baby PJ we can’t wait to meet you one of mine at 36 wks was born 7lbs 15oz, she would have been 8-9 lbs if she had mad it to 40wks, God Bless this little girl 🙌🏽”

Williams and McKinley are eagerly waiting for the arrival of their bundle of joy, the first for both of them. The “RHOA” star finally went public about her pregnancy last September after spending the bulk of last summer fighting off rumors that she was expecting.

“The pregnancy came from the left, but it definitely has brought us closer together because you realize when it sets in that you are actually bringing a life to this world, that you have become family overnight,” she told People magazine last fall.

“The thought of me getting that blessing after praying for it for so long and getting that blessing with someone who is just as excited as me — it’s Dennis’ first child, just like me — and it’s something we’ve both always wanted … It’s like a dream come true,” she added.

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