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Relationship Antic Pulled by Dr. Heavenly Has Fans Deeming Her ‘Messy’ on ‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’

The second episode of “Married to Medicine Los Angeles” included a surprise appearance from “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes, and she got right to work stirring the pot.

The Atlanta-based dentist touched down to celebrate Shanique Drummond’s husband Dr. Robert Drummond’s birthday. But things took a turn when some of the ladies noticed Asha Kamali Blankinship’s husband’s ex-girlfriend was there.

Dr. Aneesah Smith, an internal medicine doctor, was with Dr. Drummond in residency. She was in attendance at the bash as a friend of Dr. Robert’s. She explains herself when the women call her over to chat, and Kimes notices why Blankinship is so bent out of shape over the doc’s invite.

“I see now why Asha got a problem with this b—,” Kimes says in a confessional. “Not only is the b— cute, she’s also a very highly specialized physician.”

Dr. Smith explained she knew the actress’ husband, Dr. Larry Blankinship, from his internship at Howard University. That’s when they “entered a relationship.”

The single doctor said she hasn’t spoken to Dr. Larry in years and said she has no feelings for the M.D.

Since she said so, Kimes took it upon herself to try to have Asha Kamali Blankinship and Dr. Smith talk.

Blankinship refused.

“I’m not doing that,” she tells the DDS. “That’s not happening. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not. I have no issue with her.”

In a confessional scene, Blankinship asked if anyone would want to be at a party with their husband’s ex and be “questioned by the jury about their relationship.”

“Who wants that? Like, if that’s the party, don’t invite me,” she adds.

Blankinship ultimately left the party with Kimes. Meanwhile, Drummond accused of her playing the victim in a confessional.

The moment led to a good bit of chatter from fans who promptly tweeted about Kimes’ pot-stirring ways.

“Dr. Heavenly bringing her messy and petty self over from ATL to LA and I’m here for it. #Married2MedLA.”

“#Married2MedLA Oh Lawd Heavenly, Oh Lawd.”

“Heavenly is messy in every state #Married2MedLA.”

“Heavenly stop pretending bc if Daddy’s ex was there she would have a PROBLEM w/ it #Married2MedLA.”

The last response, referring to Dr. Damon Kimes, led to a surprising response from Dr. Heavenly.

“Honestly I would talk to her!” she said.

“You would!?” another Twitter user asked.

“Yeah why not?… she’s an ex for a reason!”

dr. heavenly

Kimes has a habit of getting involved in other married people’s business.

When speaking about “Married to Medicine” stars Dr. Simone Whitmore and husband Cecil Whitmore, Heavenly said on her “M2M” after show that Whitmore’s lack of a job was the point of contention in their marriage.

“If Cecil get a job, I think they problems would be over. Get a job, Cecil. I don’t care about the money. Y’all got enough money,” she said.

In another after show, she claimed Whitmore had been “beaten in submission by Simone’s words.”

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