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Dr. Heavenly Says Cecil Whitmore Has Been ‘Beaten In Submission’ by Wife Dr. Simone Whitmore and Fans Agree

Dr. Heavenly resumed her weekly “Married to Medicine” aftershow Friday, Dec. 7 and had a few pieces of advice for Dr. Simone Whitmore’s husband.

When discussing how Cecil Whitmore can improve his relationship with his OB/GYN wife, Heavenly suggested the former corporate America worker step into real estate.

“I think that yes, you’ve been beaten in submission by Simone’s words and you probably feel defeated and you feel like you tryna find yourself,” she explains. “My whole thing is, you got this platform right now where you’re on a show with millions of people, you got a real estate license … build that real estate business up. People like you on TV. You can be doing stuff on the show about real estate — instead of tweeting about me and some lying s— — tweet about the real estate. You know what? In fact, make yourself the no. 1 real estate agent. Because people believe what you tell ’em.”

She added that Whitmore should speak of himself as a real estate agent and remove talk of his wife’s drinking from his Twitter feed. Dr. Heavenly said he should replace those tweets with housing discussions and listings.

“Be a business mind and I know you were in corporate America so you weren’t trained to think like a businessman, and I get that,” she continues on. “But build your real estate stuff up. I’m sure on the show they’ll let you show that you’re showing some houses. … Everybody using this platform as an opportunity. … Don’t depend on this show because it could be over tomorrow. And y’all know this.”

Dr. Heavenly’s advice to Whitmore comes just one week after she addressed what she perceives as the problem in his marriage to Dr. Simone: being jobless.

“If a dude ain’t got no job, s— start to look wrong,” she said. “He don’t look as good, he don’t smell as good, the sex ain’t good. … Simone took on another job. Now the b—- got three jobs. This man ain’t got one job. That’s why she mad! … If Cecil get a job, I think they problems would be over.”

Regarding this week’s chat, fans agreed about the dentist’s tips for Whitmore.

“…Cecil needs to grow some tbh,yes respect your wife and her feelings BUT she talks down on him.He needs to learn the difference between voicing your opinion and being disrespectful.I think he takes it because she the breadwinner.”

“Hope Cecil takes Dr. Heavenly’s advice.”

“PREACH SISTA! Dr. Heavenly we do love Cecil and he respect you. Maybe you can set down off camera and give him that advice. Because we want to see him do good.”


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