‘Is Dutches Back?’ ‘Black Ink Crew Originals Make Explosive Comeback with Season 7 Trailer

As season 5 of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” comes to an end, the original cast from the New York franchise is making a comeback with another level of drama.

Season 7 of “Black Ink Crew”  official trailer for the VH1 series dropped on March 6 and opened up with “Black Ink” shop owner Ceaser Emanuel saying, “If you can’t take the heat than stayed the f–k up out of Black Ink.” He appears to be still on his quest of building an empire while running his two tattoo shops in New York and the other in New Orleans.

Sky Days seems to be picking back up from where she left off last season with her new boutique in Miami, Florida called “Pretty Little Things.” However, in the midst of her enjoying life, she gets a visit from her youngest son Dessalines‘ biological father who prods her about seeing his son once “he turned 18.” Their conversation quickly goes left and ends with Days flipping a table trying to fight him. During the show’s hiatus, it seems that Days fell back out with her sons Genesis and Des who she reunited with last season after giving them up for adoption when she was a teen. There’s no word if whether or not that dynamic will be explored.

Black Ink Crew

Young Bae’s mom, Young Bae, Ceaser Emanuel, Walt, Teddy Ruks, Miss Kitty, and Sky Days./ VH1

Donna Lombardi and Alex Robinson who got into an explosive confrontation with Emanuel and Teddy Ruks last season, are trying to figure out their next career step after they were fired from “Black Ink” last season. Robinson is seemingly out for revenge against the shop owner and Ruks, after learning that he may not be able to tattoo anymore due to a back injury he suffered from during their fight. As a result of Robinson’s madness, the tattoo shop apparently gets shots up and it appears someone was wounded.

Ruks and his girlfriend Tati, who seemed to be head over heels with each other last season, appear to be at odds this season after Tati accuses him of cheating on her. He ostensibly is seen having dinner with a new hire named Crystal who seems to be Tati’s friend. When asked if he slept with the new hire, Ruks draws a blank stare.

Lastly but not least, the most anticipated scene from the trailer is when Emanuel’s ex-fiancé Dutchess Lattimore seemingly re-enters the picture. The two called it quits two seasons ago after she accused Emanuel of having an affair with another woman. The pair have since had bad blood between them, but the trailer teased that she may be back for the season. On the contrary, she claims on her Instagram account that VH1 bamboozled viewers and said she will not be back on the show.

“Not once did u see my face cause it’s not me,” Lattimore wrote. “They were very strategic in the mind game they just played on viewers and it’s sad.”

In spite of Lattimore’s return or not, “Black Ink Crew” fans are hyped for the show’s season 7 premiere which airs on March 13 via VH1.

“Bruh this season gonna be crazy. I’m grabbing my popcorn 😳😳.”

“So is Dutches back? Definitely feel like Dutchess and Cease need to put Pride aside and have a conversation …🤔.”

“Alex should sue Caesar. Take half of his black ink empire like dutchess was trying to do. He messed up that mans ability to make money.!”

“Who’s suprised that Teddy cheated on Tati hmmm…. Nobody! Wtf is Krusty Dutchess back for?? 😑 I feel like Skye BD use to put hands on her she always seems deathly afraid of him whenever he’s around! Alex ain’t putting up with Ceasar 💩 this season! This about to be another crazy season!”

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