Fans Slam ‘Black Ink Crew’ Boss for Acting Like ‘Petty LaBelle’ After Firing Sky and Promoting Tati

Ceaser Emanuel is once again under fire by “Black Ink Crew” viewers for acting real petty towards his former right-hand employee Sky Days after firing her last episode.

Folks are growing tired of Emanuel’s “ego” and the way he’s been treating his employees. Just last episode, the shop owner booted Days after she opened a fashion boutique in Miami, Florida. The two engulfed into an explosive confrontation about Day’s “rise to success” and Emanuel yelled at the mother of two, “This is beyond f**ked up! … I’m the boss of this s**t you lying ass b**ch! You fu**ing fired.”

Ceaser Emanuel

(photo credit: VH1 screenshot)

To make matters worse just days after kicking his most loyal employee to the curb, he decided to promote Tati, the newest employee in the shop to a higher position than Days had.

“From this day on we’re not going to talk about Sky no more. … Tati gives me that respect as a boss. I don’t know why I ain’t promote her ass sooner and as a bonus I get to give Tati a higher position than Sky ever had. … That’s called Karma,” Emanuel proclaimed in is confessional.

VH1 viewers called Emanuel out for disrespecting Days and promoting an employee who’s seemingly unqualified.

“Why Tati? Because Teddy f**king her! 🤔 Corny. Sky been down since day 1. Mad fake for not supporting and being happy for her. That’s weak and selfish.”

“Ceaser is dramatic and very disrespectful. Dutchess was right about you clown.”

“WRONG on all levels Tati not cutting it 🤷🏻‍♀️. U are the perfect example of people cloest to you that don’t wanna see u on they level or better than them.”

“Look at Petty LaBelle Ceaser so f***ing aggravating this season and wrong for what he did to Sky.”

“I have never seen tati do nothing so 🙄 but I can’t wait to see her leave.”

One person, on the other hand, commended Emanuel for stepping up “like a boss.”

“You finally acting like a real boss. Keep doing you and move the business to the next level, “one fan wrote. “Waste mans need to be cut 🙏🙏.”—xvlEVT/

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