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‘GUHH’ Fans Declare Pepa’s Appearance ‘Weird’ as She Dishes on Breakup With Aundre Dean

Growing Up Hip Hop” viewers are seemingly fed up with Sandra “Pepa” Denton‘s overall appearance on the We TV series.

Pepa, a member of girl group Salt-N-Pepa, became the topic of conversation from the March 7 episode after fans noticed she looked physically different. Amid conversation about her breakup with 29-year-old Aundre Dean, Pepa reiterated to her son Tyran Moore Jr. that she was managing to cope with life after calling it quits with her now ex-boyfriend.

The 52-year-old rap diva indicated to her son that she was ready to move on to bigger and “better” things despite her seemingly being heartbroken. As she conversed with Moore, fans thought they detected her appearance was “off.” She appeared to be in the comforts of her home as she sported a bold pink bob and seemingly ashy makeup look.


Sandra “Pepa” Denton. (WE TV Screenshot)

However, Twitter users immediately took isssue with the rap star’s image, insinuating that she had undergone plastic surgery.

“Pepa has had major work done,” said one person

“Damn Pepa look like a white woman 😄!!” another user exclaimed. “Something about her face is off.”

Someone else added, “Pep looks weird af and she needs to take off those colorful wigs 🤔 smh.”

A few other social media users blasted Pepa for not acting her age after she was shown apparently partying with her 18-year-old daughter Egypt and Egypt’s boyfriend Sam during several episodes.

“I might fall the hell out if Pepa ever acts her age like I wish my mother would show up some where looking crazy #your50!”

“PEPA bothers me! She get too much air time on a show that is for her daughter! Is she 56 or 16? 🤦🏾‍♀️”

During the “GUHH” Feb. 21 episode, Pepa ended her relationship with Dean, who is married, after his relationship drama with his wife supposedly was affecting a million dollar deal with an unknown brand. The mother of two and her group mate Cheryl ‘Salt’ James, were offered a “big deal” from a major brand, but their manager Jimmy Maynes broke the news to them that the offer was pulled off the table due to Pepa’s controversial romance with Dean.

Maynes explained that the company offering Salt-N-Pepa the deal evidently viewed Pepa’s public affair with Dean as a negative and decided to retract their proposal. Pepa made the decision to end her relationship with Dean, seeing as it was affecting her career.

“This breakup with Aundre’s been a little bit rough for me, but I know I’m going to come out of this situation stronger than I ever was before,” said Pepa.

Although the reality star and Dean are seemingly over for good, she continues to stand by her claim that he was not with his spouse at the beginning of their relationship and that he and his pregnant wife were separated.

“Dre baby mama posted that I was stealing a married man,” Pepa said during her confessional. “And the media ran with it. With all this negative press, it already cost Salt-N-Pepa a six-figure commercial deal but he was separated already. Trust me, y’all. They filed for divorce. He had his own apartment. But they were staying in the old apartment when they were together, you got to get out. She’s pregnant. She can’t pay! What do I do, I paid for her apartment. I got the lease. I got everything. I got text messages from her.”

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