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‘How Dumb’: ‘GUHH’ Fans Drag Pepa When Manager Says Picking a Married Boyfriend Has Cost Her Brand a Cool Million

The drama in “Growing Up Hip Hop” just keeps unraveling.

Cast mate Sandra ‘Pepa‘ Denton from the ’80s girl group Salt-N-Pepa, took quite the hit during the Jan. 17 episode after a million-dollar contract was pulled off the table.

Pepa, 52, and her group mate Cheryl ‘Salt’ James were offered a “big deal” from a large brand, but according to their manager, Jimmy Maynes, the offer was pulled due to the rap star’s controversial relationship with her 29-year-old boyfriend, Aundre Dean.


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Maynes called the “None of Your Business” artist and explained that the company offering Salt-N-Pepa the big deal saw her public affair with Dean and decided to retract their proposal.

“The contract that you’re waiting to sign, you don’t have to worry about it because that deal just went away,” Maynes told Pepa. “Pep, you gotta figure this Aundre thing out. … I just looked online and seen a picture of him with his baby. … We gotta make this go away.”

Last year, it was reported that Dean was married to a woman named Jordyn Taylor who was pregnant with his child while he was dating Pepa. The “Push It” artist received media scrutiny from fans who labeled her a “homewrecker.”

Pepa addressed the situation on the show Thursday night and said she was completely aware that Dean’s wife was pregnant with their baby, but the couple had already separated and filed for divorce when she and Dean got into a relationship.

Nonetheless, Maynes reiterated to Pepa that her relationship with Dean is affecting the Salt-N-Pepa brand extensively.

“No relationship is worth you taking a million=dollar hit,” Maynes said. “I need you to put your big-girl draws on right now, it’s a relationship.”

Pepa said she was devastated by the million-dollar loss but told her manager that she “signed up” for “love and happiness as well.”

“GUHH” viewers chimed in on the episode with mixed reactions.

“Pepa lost $1 million or more over a young dude with community dick. How dumb,” one fan tweeted.

Another added, “Losing coins for being a “home wrecker”; Dre ain’t a million dollar dude. Easy choice, Pep!”

During a “GUHH” live watch on We TV, Pepa did confirm that she and Dean were still dating. Her group mate Salt has yet to speak on the loss of their massive deal or Pepa’s relationship with Dean.

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