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Pepa Says She Paid for Boyfriend’s Estranged Wife’s Apartment and She Responds: ‘Blatant Lies’

Sandra Denton, otherwise known as Pepa from the group Salt-N-Pepa, defended her name after her boyfriend’s estranged wife accused her of being a mistress. The legendary rapper revealed that she was dating Aundre Dean in May, and that’s when Dean’s ex, journalist Jordyn Taylor, came with the accusations.

Pepa addressed being called a mistress by her boyfriend's estranged wife.


She alleged that Dean — who filed for divorce on March 8, 2018 — lied to her and said Pepa was his boss when that wasn’t the case. Taylor also said her ex asked if the rapper could be the godmother to their youngest child. “Happy birthday to my man and #MCM,” wrote Pepa on Monday, May 7, 2018. “Keep pushing and being a good dad. God will handle the rest.” “When mistresses talk about God, it’s laughable,” Taylor wrote the following day. “Good dads also don’t stress their pregnant wives out for 15 minutes of fame with a D-list has been senior citizen celebrity.” Then in June 2018, her name came up again when Taylor responded to Dean’s divorce filing and doubled down on her cheating claims. “He abandoned me and our one-year-old son and cheated on me with another woman,” court papers read. “He has not paid any support and I am the victim of domestic violence, and there is currently a TRO (temporary restraining order) in place.” Pepa denied wrongdoing and said she’d eventually give her side of things, which she did on the Jan. 24 episode of “Growing Up Hip-Hop.” During the episode, the rapper revealed the controversy had gotten so big, it started to affect future work for Salt-N-Pepa, specifically a six figure commercial deal. “He’s telling me I need to take a break from Dre,” Pepa said her manager told her. “Break up or the brand. Which one I wanna choose.” Pepa also swore that Dean was already separated when they got together and had his own apartment. The New York MC then said that she paid for Taylor’s apartment when Taylor left to be on her own and has the lease to prove it. Taylor has since responded to the 52-year-old’s claims and called her a liar. “I just think it’s ridiculous Pepa for you to go on the show, tell blatant lies,” she said in a video published to YouTube on Jan. 25 … You know I’ve never texted you, I’ve never asked you for a dime and I never would ask you for a dime, because unlike some people, my soul, my name, my family, can never be bought.” This isn’t the first time Pepa’s relationship has been in the news. In her 2008 autobiography “Let’s Talk About Pep,” she accused her ex-husband Naughty By Nature’s Treach of domestic abuse, which he’s always denied. Treach also blasted Pepa in April of 2017 on Instagram and accused her of lying in the book. You can see Pepa address the situation with Dean below.

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