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Michelle Williams Belatedly Decides Her Relationship With Ex-Fiancé Chad Johnson Is No One Else’s Business

After lending support to her ex-fiancé on Instagram, Michelle Williams has admitted that she may have shared too much on social media and she’s lashing out at the media who pick up on her every post.

The singer caught the attention of fans and press alike on Tuesday when she promoted Pastor Chad Johnson’s upcoming ministry retreat.

“Listen allllll the way UP!!! In 2017 I went to Pastor @chadjohnson77 and his amazing ministry @elevateint RemixRETREAT for young adults and it was life changing. Wellllllllll this year it’s a conference that is open to EVERYONE of ALL ages in Phoenix, AZ April 4-6. Go to to register and for more information,” she wrote in part.

However, fans soon wondered about the former couple’s relationship status and one said she had unfollowed Johnson. That prompted Williams to respond with passion about the negativity from fans.

“Come on y’all….be nice! I don’t want the message and intention of this post to get lost!! I love y’all so much!! Now don’t be petty….y’all gotta be stronger for me so that when I’m tempted to be petty I can look to you guys for strength! 🤣❤🤣 #ChelleBelleHasSpoken,” the Destiny’s Child star said.

The performer wound up shuttering her Instagram comments by the next morning and took to her Instagram Story Wednesday evening to fire off about the way fans opposed her message.

“Social media really allows you to see how many people really need the love of Christ in their hearts,” Williams wrote. “I don’t understand how people can make such cruel, uninformed, ignorant, dumb, immature comments about people and/or situations you know NOTHING about. I will admit, I truly made the mistake of opening up and showing the world parts of me that have been private for over 20 years.

“At the same time, I know there are people that have inspired by what I’ve shared BUT maaaaaan it sure takes a lot to sift through the horrible things people say. I love engaging with people but I can’t do that too much anymore.

“People don’t deserve YOU and that’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it!” she concluded. “Now post this on your blog!!”

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Williams, who has been open about her depression in recent years, has been a topic of discussion on entertainment news sites and blogs since she abruptly announced the demise of her engagement with Johnson in December.

She’s remained largely quiet except for a few online check-ins and refused to directly address the split on the finale of her OWN reality series “Chad Loves Michelle.” Instead, she sent her best friend George to give a message to viewers about how she’s holding up.

“She is still very much so in love with Chad,” he divulged. “She will tell anybody that he is amazing — that he is an amazing person.”

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